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A Very Relevant Read For All Parents – Our Kid Eats Everything by Neelanjana Singh – #AtoZChallenge Day 22

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Neelanjana Singh

Book Blurb – Our Kid Eats Everything by Neelanjana Singh

Eating right made fun and easy for parents and kids! Are mealtimes a perpetual battleground in your family? Do you constantly worry about your child’s nutrition and growth, the effects of junk-food overdose and a gadget-centric lifestyle, and the true value of expensive superfoods, while your child continues to be resolutely resistant to what you serve on the table? Our Kid Eats Everything! is your answer to making mealtimes tussle-free, tasty and, most of all, healthy. Within these pages you’ll find invaluable information and smart tips on: * which foods your child actually needs to grow; * shopping right, reading food labels and outsmarting junk; * nutrition-oriented prevention and cures for common childhood diseases; * age-appropriate weekly menus, including snacks, tiffin and the Exam Diet; PLUS! 75 child-tested recipes that turn ‘yuck’ to ‘yum’ and the 20/20 plan to make kids really enjoy what they’re eating. Whether your kid is a toddler or a teen, a finicky eater or a junk-food junkie, this enlightening guide by leading nutritionist Neelanjana Singh will help you to make your child a good eater for life.

Book Review – Our Kid Eats Everything by Neelanjana Singh

Our Kid Eats Everything by Neelanjana Singh is the last but one book that I have read among the 26 books that I am reviewing during the month of April. And because I am feeling tired and lethargic from continuously reading parenting related books for the last two months, I want to just finish this review off in one sentence. I want to simply write,

The Ultimate Guide To Kids Nutrition And Food Habits


The Bible Of Kids Nutrition


Everything You Wanted To Know About Food And Kids

BUT…. Because I have come this far and giving up does not look like an option, I’d rather not do a hasty job. And thus comes this review of the book Our Kid Eats Everything by Neelanjana Singh

Leading nutritionist, Neelanjana Singh has doled out all her experience and expertise in this book, which seems to be focused on kids’ nutrition. But in reality, it is an amalgamation of all encompassing curated content that contains the answers to all your queries about a gamut of food related issues.

She begins with introduction to something as basic as the food groups available to us and builds up on it by discussing food shopping, storage and Cooking.

The subsequent sections see us appreciating how simple a task is Food Planning and how one can make sure that we do not digress to junk foods and ignore other dietary problems.

And last but not the least, there are over 75 recipes that are bound to make your mouth water and rush to your kitchen to try something that will pique your kid’s taste buds too.

And if you are running short on time, not wanting to go back to the entire research literature of food and nutrition, you could simply refer to the 101 Tips that will help you eat and serve right.

For me I have highlighted numerous sections in the book (and put those colored page breakers) to be able to go back and read some extremely sensible food information and bust my anxieties as a mother and bring food perception in perspective. And I know this book is going to referred to several times in my quest to provide a wholesome diet to my kids.

Neelanjana Singh

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vidhya Thakkar April 25, 2019 at 5:08 pm

another interesting post! loved it

Ninu Nair April 25, 2019 at 7:33 pm

Thanks..nice post. Will try to grab this book and learn a few recipes for my little one.

Mann April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

Kudos..Making kids eat is the biggest challenge. I am sure its a great read.


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