#BlogchatterEbook Carnival – A Perfect Launchpad For Blogger To Author Transition

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Blogger to Author

I have re-iterated time and again that the dream of becoming a published author has become an attainable dream in the current times. The scenario is not like it was a decade back when one had to be dependent on publishing houses to get their work to reach out to readers.

And its not just about traditional publishing or self-publishing any more. It is also about the freedom that comes along with the option of self-publishing in terms of the content. You are the master of your content. The length of your proposed work today could be the usual 70k words, or you may chose to write just 40k or 25k, or even just 10k. If you think that your words make for a comprehensive and a coherent read, you are good to go and put your work out there for your targeted audience.

Ah! How swiftly I have drifted to the topic of targeted audience. It is with this propaganda of reaching out to my audience who would further shout out about my work to the extended audience, that I decided to submit my set of blog posts combined into an e-book  for the BlogchatterEbook carnival Season 3 in 2018.

That was my first step, towards realizing my forlorn dream of becoming a published author. And boy! What a beginning it was. Read about my ebook Parenting & A Slice of Everything

Blogger to Author Transition with BlogchatterEbook Carnival

If you have been putting out your thoughts and ideas on a blog, and feel that its time to take your content to another level, then please be assured that you are more than ready to make the blogger to author transition. And if you have chosen Blogchatter ebook Carnival to make that transition, then you couldn’t be in a better place. Here are a few reasons why I feel that Blochatter Ebook Carnival turned out to be a boon for my blogger to author transition –

Guidance and Mentorship

The nuances of putting a book together can be a daunting task because it requires more than just getting your content ready. For self-publishing authors, the book cover and other adjoining sections of a book form a major task before the book can be offered to the readers.

At Blogchatter ebook Carnival, you will have complete guidance regarding each and every step that precedes the publishing of book.

Book Launch

The book launch in itself is an elaborate event. Blogchatter makes sure that you feel special and the world knows about the fact that you are an author now!

Book Promotion

Not only does the Blochatter ebook Carnival team take it upon themselves to make sure that the entire community in its realm knows about your book. The launch promotion is done across social media platforms. The Blogchatter team also helps you explore various modes of promoting your book such as book trailers, book reading videos. shout-out to other authors and the entire blogchatter community etc.

Book Reviews

Blogchatter team makes sure that your book garners appropriate book reviews. From among the authors publishing their books during the ebook Carnival, they will assign to every author one book to be reviewed making sure that every book gets atleast one review. And then every author is to do two more reviews of books of their choice. I was quite lucky in that way as my book received 6 reviews from fellow authors during the ebook carnival season 3 last year. (Click here to read book reviews of my book)


Yes, it’s all for free. Ofcourse it takes a lot of time and effort to bring out your book on your part and on the part of the blogchatter team. But as far as money is concerned, you are charged NIL. The resources for putting your book together are available in the internet for free. The launchpad at Blogchatter ebook Carnival is also for free. And the book review that is published on a fellow-bloggers blog is also for free.

Ofcourse, what it costs you is your time, and commitment to your own book and the community.

So what are you waiting for? Register for the Blogchatter ebook Carnival Season 4 right away and take that leap from being a blogger to author in no time.

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