Tips For Selecting Boys Dresses For A Party

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Boys Dresses for Party

I have iterated this numerous times that for me comfort always comes before style. But if the two can be combined then I am the first one to grab such boys dresses for my kids. This summer season saw us attending at least half a dozen family ceremonies, including an engagement, a wedding, a couple of birthdays, a kirtan etc.

This meant a lot of planning on my part as every party was different in its mood and I wanted the boys to be dressed accordingly. Also, the boys are still young and I did not want to hassle them with too elaborate a costume. So, here is my checklist that I ticked off while shopping for their outfits (click here to buy boys dress online) for the chain of parties that we have been attending over the last month –

Choose a Breathable Fabric

Its summer time! Kids are bound to remain playful and thus sweat a lot. Make sure that the fabrics you chose for boys dresses have easy on the skin and are breathable. Here’s a guide to breathable summer fabrics. My preference is always cotton and linen as far as boys dresses are concerned.

A Splash Of Spring Colors

Gone are the days when boys were expected to dress up in solid colors (single or in combination). These days’ boys have a plethora of options in prints too. Solid or prints, try spring colors to suit the happy and carefree spirit of the season.  Click here to read about different types of print patterns on fabrics.

A Mix Of Traditional And Western Outfits

I was always of the view that I must keep my boys dresses as simple as possible. A t-shirt and a three-fourth always seemed to be my pick irrespective of the occasion. But this summer, I decided to give my boys a different look for every party. They wore a kurta pyjama for the traditional events and jeans/trousers along with linen or printed cotton shirt for the casual look.

Stock up on Casual Wear

Kids will be kids and it is very likely that they will need a change if the party goes on for too long. They might soil their clothes with food, or while playing with other kids in the strangest corners. In such a case, I always carry atleast a pair or two of knit fabric t-shirts and bermudas for my boys. I know that this is their comfort outfit and I too don’t have to bother much about their looks towards the fag end of the party.

Give Comfort Utmost Importance

All said and done, kids (atleast if they are anything like my boys) love to be care-free and think the least of taking care of their outfits while they are busy running around the banquets or party halls.  And that’s how I like them too. I know they will catch up with style consciousness as they grow up (as is the case with me). Thus I keep comfort as the primary factor while choosing my boys dresses.

What are your main considerations while selecting boys dresses? Do share your ideas in comments.

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