Courage – How my word of the year has panned out in 2019

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I stepped into 2019 with WOTY ‘Courage’. The plan was to overcome my doubts and hesitations and try things that I never have tried earlier.  In retrospect I think my WOTY should have been ‘dare’. Dare to think, dare to aspire, dare to do. Oh yes! All this daring requires courage. So I guess my WOTY is justified.

So here’s an account of how I have been able to live upto my WOTY.

To New Beginnings

Ever since I came to leave my job after my younger one was born, I literally went into a shell. Other than the online interactions, I hardly was meeting any new people. But this year, I decided to make an effort to meet in person some people from the bloggers and authors fraternity. Thus in the last six months I met some of the most wonderful people, who I now connect with better online. I feel privileged to be a part of the community online with these superwomen. Anupama Dalmia, Namrata Bhagtani, Tina Siquera, Maitabi Banerjee, Prerna Wahi, Manya V Kasi – it’s an honor to know you all.

Oh I launched a ‘Project My Happiness’ in the beginning of this year. The idea was to help people become more conscious and appreciative of small things that bring happiness in one’s life. The project did not do very well from a statistical POV, but it earned me a friend.  Shivani Salil, you must know that you are a gem of a person. And I love you.

To Revival Of Old Memories

For a couple of years now, I have been wary of getting in touch with my old friends. When I say old, I mean those who were a significant part of my life around a decade or more ago. Even if there was an opportunity, I would shy away and find comfort in my shell. But in the last six months I have met atleast half a dozen of some of my dearest friends from a life about which I thought I had almost forgotten. I was surprised how easily conversations flowed and before we knew it was time to bid adieu. I guess that’s the thing about good friends. You can pick up conversations from where you left. The time gap does not withstand.

Parenting & Relationships

I have been a super worried parent. I have fretted over their eating habits, their mischief, their learning routine and the list goes on. This year sometime around the beginning of new academic session, I decided to take it easy. I worried less if Nik ate a morsel or two less, I refrained from raising my voice if the kids got into a brawl, or broke a piece of cutlery. I realised that kids will be kids. And I must let them be. Trust me it has taken a lot of courage to curb my natural instincts of a helicopter mom, so yes, here too I justified my WOTY.

I am a person who is always at the extreme ends of the spectrum as far as my expectations from people around me are concerned. I find it difficult to cope with people around me when they have different ethos than mine. But now I am grown up enough to see the fallacies in my character. I have braved myself to unlearn this outlook and be more tolerant and open minded with my near and dear ones. Hope I emerge a better human being once I am through this phase of emotional renaissance.


I decided to review 26 parenting books during the month of April this year. Yes I was taking the AtoZ Challenge. It was a journey with mix bag of feelings. On one hand, I was amazed at how every person perceives the same role of that of a parent in different light. While on the other hand, it became exhausting. After all, how much of advice can one read and assimilate on a single topic. But I completed the challenge with flying colors.

I also came across many new fellow bloggers and interacted with them. It is such a heart-warming feeling to see bloggers form a community and bond over online channels.

Content wise, I have been able to stick to my thought leadership with the topics I set out with in the beginning of this year – Parenting, Mental Wellness and Creative Writing. I can also boast of an accolade for every month of this year and really look forward to stepping up on larger platforms with my writing skill.


I decided to join a community for writers on facebook. They call it the ArtoonsInn. Here I came across some really talented writers and tested my skill against them through some writing events. I am glad that my debut entry for an event during the month of April was a winner. The subsequent month saw my work among top five. It’s a good thing! Despite the fact that I have two published books to my credit, it feels that it is only now that I own up my writing.

I have submitted a couple of pieces to various publications and am awaiting their responses. Hope things work out. After publishing two books in a span of a year, I am finally comfortable in calling myself a ‘Writer/Author’.  It also makes my family and friends proud of me. Life’s good on this front too.


Ever since I started blogging and writing, I have maintained that I write out of passion. That’s the reason that I have not gone very aggressive on pitching for paid assignments. I don’t complain when I get some though. It helps me make my website self-sufficient.

But my younger one is three years old now. And as per my husband and some close ones, it’s high time that I gave getting back to work a serious thought. But going back to the corporate rut is out of question. I considered pursuing a doctorate in my field of study (i.e. Management) but for some rote government regulations that too is out of question now. Then I contemplated on and rejected many other ideas that keep cropping up now and then. Logistical non-viabilities you know! So now I am left with no options at hand. Yes, there’s one option that I have refrained from considering for long, but it glares at me everyday and every moment. I guess it’s time to consider that option with an open mind now. I will let you know the updates, once I have made up my mind on it. May be I need to remind myself of my WOTY ‘Courage’ and take this leap of faith.

That’s a wrap from my end. How has your year been this far? Do reflect on it and make plans to make the rest of the year fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

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Richa Singh June 26, 2019 at 5:58 pm

It is always heartwarming for me to read how bloggers discover new avenues through online platforms – gives me a lot of joy. I hope Anupriya that the path you have taken through blogging and writing always opens more doors for you. And whatever you decide with your profession too – is something that is not only brave but also joyous and satisfying for you 🙂 All the best!


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