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Send Rakhi From USA to India

I moved away from home town around 15 years ago. The first year was emotionally very taxing for me, as I could not be home for major festivals. I still remember that I had joined my job in the month of August and the first festival that came was that of Rakshabandhan.

As a child, I have cherished the festival of Rakhi as it was an occasion when all us cousins would gather and the sisters would go around tying Rakhi on the brothers’ wrists. It was so much fun. As we grew up, the older cousins started leaving the nest to make a mark in their professions. But we kept the fondness of the festival alive by sending them Rakhi via courier.

We have followed the trend through all these years. I still look forward to this time of the year when my enthusiasm to shop for the Rakhi is at its peak. But as I shopped for Rakhi this year, I just contemplated calling my sister, who just shifted to Canada a couple of months ago. I offered to her to buy Rakhis on her behalf and send them. But she declined the offer outright.

“Di, don’t bother. These days you get to send Rakhi from all over the world to India. I have several friends who send Rakhi to India from USA every year by ordering them online. I will do the same.” The hint of happiness and contentment in her voice was so infectious that I felt glad that technology had indeed shortened distances.

After, my conversation with her I got curious and searched around for portals that helped send Rakhi to India from USA or Canada. There were various portals that I came across. But there are several things that you need to consider when you want to send Rakhi from USA to India


Look for the variety of designs on the offering. These days many vendors sell a gamut of designs and patterns of Rakhi online. So look for a platform that offers maximum variety to choose from.

Gifting Options

I love to send Rakhis along with gifts. Now, this option is also available online. You can choose from a gamut of gifting items such as Chocolates, Mugs, Cushions, etc.

Worldwide Coverage

There are many portals that provide service from India to any part of the globe and from anywhere in the world to India. A portal that offers larger geographic coverage is bound to have a better service record.

So yes, making the festival of Rakhi special even when you are halfway across the globe is now just a click away! I am so glad that such an option is now available because my sons will not miss the Rakhi and gifts sent to them by their Massi.

Send Rakhi From USA to India

How Rakhi Has Changed For Me Over Years

Until a few years ago, it was only my cousins that I sent Rakhi to. But then when I went away from home, my sister back home missed me so much that she started sending me Rakhi and I would fondly tie it on my wrist.

“Why limit the celebration of sibling love only for brothers and sisters. Why not for among sisters too.” She would say sheepishly.

I am glad that now it is possible to send Rakhi to India from anywhere in the world. Now my sister just has to order the Rakhi (and hopefully some gift) online and there, I will have here Rakhi to tie around my wrist on an auspicious day.

What are your Rakhi stories? How has the festival changed for you as you have grown up?

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