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The Unique Side of School Apps: Connecting Schools To Parents Through Effective Communication

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Most adults remember the time of the year when schools re-started, and everything happened at the last minute. As children, we would have forgotten at least one activity or chore assigned by the teacher to complete during the holidays. We’d remember it just 24 hours before the first day back to school. This is only one example. When kids are in school, things are always rushed for parents who try their level best to keep everything in order.

In the grey cloud of continually juggling work, school, and extracurricular activities, there is a silver lining. Technology has made it much, much easier for parents and the school to communicate. A school app like Voice Snap offers a unique solution. With just a touch of a button, a guardian can contact a school administrator, a teacher can get in touch with parents, or a student can see their transcripts.

Let’s explore the three main ways parenting and school apps aid in connecting parents and academic institutions.

Constant and Instant Updates

The old way of dispensing news to parents meant writing down a memo or circular, printing it, distributing it to each child and then hoping that they will give it to their parents. It was not a fail proof method, and it cost the school a lot, both in financial and human resource terms.

A school app takes away this issue. By uploading the news or announcement on the app, it can be sent to every parent in a matter of seconds. It ensures that there is no gap in communication of vital information, and every guardian is updated. From class timings to school policies, from schedule to course, from fee to homework, any announcement can be delivered through the mobile medium.

Better Parent Engagement

The birth of nuclear families and both working parents has created a divide between the information guardians should have, and they do have. Busy lives sometimes tend to slip daily conversations into thin cracks. The result is the parent is not 100% aware of what is happening with their child during school. A school app offers better engagement to parent. For instance, opening the app can give the adult a preview of the extracurricular activities their child is participating or even which bus route s/he has to take from school to home and vice versa.

These are tiny pieces of information, but their impact is massive because it helps the parent in being aware and connecting with their child better.

Effective Communication

The most significant advantage of a school parent communication app is the direct line of communication it builds between the parent and guardian. Formerly, a parent had to visit the school to have a one on one discussion with the teachers. With parents working, there is rarely any time to schedule a meeting. Busy lifestyles mean keeping track of the child’s progress becomes harder. An app offers a way out. By using technology, a parent can directly and instantly connect with every teacher and have a conversation on how their child is performing. There is no need to plan a meeting and take time out to visit the school to be fully committed to the child’s growth.

What Makes Voice Snap A Better School Parent App?

Understanding and appreciating the value school parent apps bring to life is only part of the tale. The other is finding an app that opens up the most possibilities in the most secure manner. This is where Voice Snaps’ connect to school communication app steps it. It is a brilliant school app that stands far above the hoi-polloi of the market. Just a few advantages the app brings to schools, students, and parents are:

  • It is an exclusive app for schools which can be personalised with the school logo.
  • It is exceptionally secure, which means it offers only authentic information uploaded by the school.
  • It provides one-way communication, i.e., allows the institute to deliver messages to parents. Once a message is sent, it can be tracked to ensure every parent gets it. Furthermore, posted messages cannot be deleted by anyone, parent, students, or school staff.

No missed calls, 100% reachability, and real-time connection are a few more reasons why schools and parents should invest in the school communication app!

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