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#JustRomance by Jyoti Arora Book Review

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I always say that I am not very fond of short stories. They take me to the apex of involvement from the word go and even before I realize, they’re over way too soon. I am always left wanting for more. #JustRomance by Jyoti Arora was no exception. Every story explores a different aspect of love.

Drunk On Love – Is the story of the most unlikely couple. Anjali is a small town girl from a conservative family and Rajat, a bartender in a bar in the big city. How they crossover the inhibitions imposed by conventional thought flow and find love in each other.

Miles Apart – Is it possible to sustain love over long distances? Sometimes distance acts as a catalyst and strengthens the ties that hold the promise of a long term commitment.

O Teri – Is a bizarrely humorous take on how one can stumble upon love unawares and then it is there for keeps.

Dance Of Fantasy – A splendid narration on how the rich and famous seek solace in anonymity and small things.

Tarini , is the story of a storyteller and a girl who is struggling to put together the scattered pieces of her miserable life.

I Guess I Love You is the story of a young man who suddenly finds himself burdened by a tragedy that has destroyed the happiness of his entire family. And when he finds love, he is stuck in between desire, fear and guilt.

It’s In The Books, is again a story of two most unlikely partners who stand the test of societal differences and personal insecurities and most importantly time.

I was scheduled to publish this review two days ago. But I failed to do so, because I couldn’t decide. I couldn’t decide that if were to point out one favorite from amongst this ensemble of love, longing and desire which one I would pick. After much deliberation, I think I am going to mention two stories –  O Teri for the humor it entails.

It’s in The Books is a favorite because one it gave me a glimpse of how in the madness called life, love can just set everything in place. And also because the love catalyst in this story is books. Aahhh!

Tarini too would have been a favorite, only if I were a little more capable of comprehending and appreciating poetry.

Jyoti Arora’s narration style is fluent and at times poetic.  At no point of time any story sounds dragged. The characters are realistic with some of them actually feel like they could be the girl or the boy next door.

All in all #JustRomance by Jyoti Arora is a pleasurable read for romance suckers like me. Just like the cover page of the book depicts – hold a cup of coffee in your one hand, hold your kindle in the other and just lose yourself to the world of love.

Book Blurb –

7 heart-warming love stories to make you smile

You raised a song in my heart

That I never knew before.

Now kiss me, Love,

For I yearn to know

What a dream must taste like.

Luxury adds glamour to romances, danger adds thrill. But it is real emotions that turn love magical. And when love casts its magic, even ordinary people can have extraordinary love stories.

It is seven such delicious and relatable Indian romances that this book brings to you.

With realistic characters that will live in your heart. With romance spanning across mountains, forests, glowing beaches, or coming alive in roadside dhabas and buzzing city streets. With myriad gripping emotions of friendship and love, these feel-good love stories are sure to touch your heart with delight.

If you are in love with love, then these beautiful romances are a must-read for you!

Seven couples, seven clean contemporary romances, one delicious book. #JustRomance

Because nothing matters more than love.

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