Here’s everything you need to know about WHO prequalified vaccines

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There is no denying the significance of vaccination for babies. It is our responsibility to provide our babies with required vaccines and in a timely manner. This is to ensure their health and safety. But yes, I have to agree that as a new mother I was overwhelmed by the frequency of the needles being pricked into my baby’s skin. Also, to visit the doctor every other week became a little difficult in the midst of the disturbed sleep cycles and the coping up with post-partum life. Honestly, I didn’t think so much about the inconveniences at the time I was in the situation. But now in hindsight it all sounds so overwhelming to me.

I was in a discussion with a friend who has recently had a baby and was pleasantly surprised that science and research and development has led to immense benefits in the field of vaccines too. There are now combination vaccines available that reduce the number of injections required. What’s more, less painful vaccines have been developed that significantly reduce the discomfort caused to the baby.

The Benefits of Combination Vaccines

I was delighted as well as curious about the new combination vaccines. So I did research of my own and found out some facts:

  • The combination vaccines protect kids from multiple(upto six) major childhood diseases.
  • It effectively reduces the number of injections without compromising on the right amount of doze to be given.
  • The acellular vaccines against whooping cough are baby friendly, as they cause less pain than other whole cell vaccines thus resulting in lower adverse side effects.
  • Most importantly some of the combination vaccines are WHO pre-qualified. This means that an authority as widely recognized as the WHO is constantly checking among others the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine. As a parent, what more could you ask for?

I am a relatively apathetic mother when it comes to things that ought to be done. But I have seen so many of my friends turn into vaccination nerds even while they were expecting. And when I shared this update with them, they really seemed to be very happy about this latest vaccine development. I guess then, I will go by their verdict.WHO pre-qualified combination vaccines sure are going to be a hit with new parents!

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