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10 Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

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10 Easy DIY Christmas Crafts For Kids

Christmas time is that time in my household, when the kids go into frenzy and their demands for putting up the Christmas tree and the home baked plum cake fill the house troubling my ears too much. But I am not complaining! My focus remains on how to keep the kids engaged and busy. One of the best ways to keep the kids busy is to engage them in Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas.

Every year,  for lack of proper planning I struggle with easy DIY Christmas craft ideas. But this year I took a lead and have my craft ideas ready and in one place. While researching for easy DIY christmas kids craft ideas, I came across a deluge of pinterest accounts who have such wonderful and the most beautiful DIY craft ideas. I almost got lost in appreciating them and forgot that I needed to create a shortlist for myself. But my focus beckoned me and here I am sharing my favorite pins of easy DIY Christmas craft this season. Most of these DIY Christmas crafts require minimal raw material, or items that are easily available in the house.

So take a look at this easy DIY Christmas craft ideas and plan out your own Christmas with the kids in a fun and busy way. The joy that you will see on your kids face after they have created something cute and beautiful will be priceless.

Christmas Hand Print Card

My kids love doing their handprint. Every day I throw a bunch of newspaper pages that just have the outlines of my kids’ handprints. So that’s the reason why this colorful and easy DIY Handprint Christmas Card is on the top of my to-do list.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Handprint Christmas Tree

Yes, I am still stuck on handprints.  Would it be too much if I created a hand print themes Christmas decoration this year? I don’t think so. The idea instead excites me a lot. This Handprint Christmas tree is simple and quick and the kids will love it too.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Craft With Sticks

You have to agree with me that ice-cream sticks are the most wonderful item one could find for kids DIY crafts. A couple of months ago, Nik made a pen stand and a photo frame using the ice cream sticks. And now they are back with these Easy Face Decorations. I am already so excited thinking how much the boys are going to love making these.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Decoration

These paper decorations that look like the lights are so cheerful. And the best part is they are very easy to make. So yes, this easy Christmas decoration finds its place in the top 10 list of DIY Christmas crafts that I am going to do with my kids this Christmas.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Tree with a twist

I absolutely love this unique concept of a Christmas tree. It is definitely laborious, but the outcome is just so beautiful. The gifts, the bow and the tree decorations add to the charm of this paper loops DIY Christmas tree.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Last year Nik did a paper plate Christmas tree at school. But this Paper Plate Christmas tree is different and it looks like that it is also quick and mesmerizing.  It just needs a Plate plate, some colored papers and a string. And voila, you are good to go with this hanging Paper Plate Christmas Tree.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Paper Roll crafts are very popular in the west. But lately, I too have grown fond of paper roll crafts because they are easy, quick and cute. And when its Christmas time, its fun to make paper roll Santa, reindeer, and the elves.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Pop-Up Christmas Card

For as long as I have made cards in my childhood, I have been mesmerized by pop-up cards. They are not as complicated as they seem and once completed, they look just so professional and delightful. So below are two pop-up cards ideas that will be my go-to ideas this Christmas.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Paper Chain Crafts

Isn’t this paper chain Santa on the cart with a reindeer absolutely delightful? I can’t wait to make this easy DIY Christmas craft with my son.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

Sock Snowman Christmas Craft

How can a Christmas be complete without a snowman. We sure don’t have snow in this part of the country. But who is stopping us from making one indoors with a sock.  Find some socks and turn them into the cute fat but little DIY snowman.

Easy DIY Christmas Craft Ideas

So, what do you think? Life is so exciting at this time of the year. And I am sooo excited to get my kids all prepped up to work on these easy DIY Christmas crafts. Which ones are your favorites?

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Alpana Deo December 25, 2019 at 3:21 am

Loved all the DIYs. This year, my little one made hand print Christmas tree card for his teachers.
Merry Christmas!!


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