Easy Bullet Journal Ideas for Bloggers

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Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas

If you have come across a deluge of bullet journals offerings on e-retail portals and are wondering what it actually means, then you are where I was almost two years ago. Yes, that’s when I discovered the craft that is a Bullet Journal. I have been trying to create a repository of Blogging Bullet Journal ideas for two years now. Yet, I am only a work in progress.

What is a Bullet Journal?

A bullet Journal is a planner, diary, tracker or rolled into one Journal. A bullet Journal is a modern tool to help one organize their tasks, plan them and track their progress in an extremely creative way.

Some experts also call a bullet journal to be meditative tool, as it ebbs out distractions and helps you focus better. It is an achievement oriented tracking system that brings out everything you do or not do to achieve your goals in plane black or white (not quite literally, because one can get as creative as possible and splash colors in the pages of the journals)

Benefits of Using A Blogging Bullet Journal

  • A bullet journal is the ultimate tool for planning and tracking ones goals and tasks
  • It provides flexibility to suit ones work style and focus on the challenge areas.
  • One can create a bullet journal to maintain an overview record of their work, or choose to get down to the micro or even nano level.
  • It helps one stay organized. Thus keeps one calm and motivated
  • The flexibility in design and formats boosts creativity
  • It is great for keeping lists, thus inspires productivity
  • It is apt for tracking short term as well as long term goals

Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas

Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas And Easy Formats

Blogging Goals

The idea of a blogging bullet Journal is to keep in perspective what you have set out to achieve via blogging. And then there are goals that will help you achieve that mission.

My mission for my blog is to

“Provide value content to readers to find solutions and resonance in the kids, parenting and lifestyle wellness domains”

To achieve this mission, the executive goals I have set for 2020 are given in the picture below.

Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas

Tracking Social Media Activity

For me a major area of work or focus is improving my social media presence. I am there. But I need to be seen. The first parameter on this aspect is the follower numbers. Thus I created a template to track these numbers.

Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas

Monthly Trackers

For me the biggest challenge in my blogging journey is to plan my blogging activity spanning uniformly across the month. Given that I participate in a lot of blog trains, paid campaigns and book blog tours, the dates of publishing cannot be always pre-decided. In such a case, the weeks and months when the aforementioned posts are scarce it becomes a challenge to plan self researched blog posts. The monthly trackers as depicted below are what help me keep my activities on track.

Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas

Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas

Mid-Year Summary

I am not a micro-planner. I like to keep things in perspective and check just once in a while if I am on track. Thus I have my focus more on monthly progress than daily tracking. Ofcourse, I do daily tracking, but I know I might not able to follow it through. That does not mean that I can’t plan or keep track of my activities. In the larger perspective, it all falls in place. And as I mentioned earlier, that’s what I love about bullet journals. They give me the flexibility to plan my work and follow through it in my own style and as per my convenience.  So, I have put a mid-year review on various parameters to check if I am there yet.

Blogging Bullet Journal Ideas

Tips to making your Blogging Bullet Journal Work For You

Start Simple, Start Small

Last year I worked on some a bullet journal ideas that had my blogging, wellness and spiritual goals all in one place. No need to say that it all fell flat, face down! The execution as well as the tracking; I was so overwhelmed despite my love for lists and tables that everything went for a toss. So this year I decided to slow down and simplify things. The formats you see are elementary and simple to follow through.

Keep in Mind Your Blogging Goals

This year my focus is on expanding my content reach. Thus I decided to keep a close eye on my blog content sharing on social media and on SEO optimization. My blogging bullet journal also reflects my focus on these areas. The point I wish to make here is that there are tens of formats available online for Blogging Bullet Journals. But do not let the formats govern your blogging goals. It has to be the other way round. Have the insight to understand that your goals will govern your blogging bullet journal format. The format will be a driver for keeping your blogging vehicle on track.

Do Not Seek Perfection

The biggest deterrent for most people seeking to start on a blogging bullet journal is that one might make mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes while creating the initial formats of my blogging bullet journal last year. The result? I got frustrated and just gave up on it. Then I realised that something that I am making with my own hands using my own imagination, I am bound to take time to get perfect at the art. And until I practice I won’t get perfect. So these initial years I am going to try as many formats, make as many mistakes and see if the art of bullet journaling will work for me. If it works, I am going to stick to it for life. And if not, then I am going to consider it as a sweet fling while it lasted and move on!

While you think over and research the world wide net for what is it you want in your blogging bullet journal, I will plan my next post on the supplies that you will need for creating one. Oh yes, all my love for stationary is going to pour down in this post. So watch out for it. Subscribe to my blog to get new post updates right in your mailbox.

And if you want to check out my inspiration for creating my blogging bullet journal, check out The Petite Planner. They are good with a variety of ideas while keeping things simple.

Read about my Bullet Journal for the year 2019 here

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