About me

I am an engineer, turned HR professional turned working mother and very soon going to turn a stay at home mother of two.

In a span of 15 years , I have stayed in atleast 5 different cities and thus traversed the length and breadth of my country. Its been a privilege to be able to observe and understand distinct cultures. Apart from being passionate about my profession, I am an ardent reader and a lover of leisure cooking.

For a couple of years now, I have managed to remain a working mother to an extremely active and cute little boy. But now I am at a turning point that will earmark major changes in my life. In this space I am going to recount my journey towards becoming a mother for the second time. For most women, becoming a mother for the first time is ‘The Milestone’; yet with the second pregnancy comes along a plethora of life changing dilemmas that motivated me to begin this blog.

So, Welcome !

This is my emotional journey towards achieving another level of motherhood 🙂