The Oxford dictionary defines ‘to be tinctured’ as, ‘is to be tinged or imbued with a slight amount of something’.

Being a mommy to two boys, I realize that being a parent changes everything around you. The way you perceive things, your lifestyle, choices and decisions. Even the way you look at an ice-cream tub that you loved earlier goes through a complete transition.And for mothers especially, life goes almost topsy-turvy. Many give up their careers to be able to do justice to their role as a mother, while most, make paradigm shifts to their lifestyle. Yet everyone struggles with one primary question.

What is the way to perfect parenting?

Well, at Mommytincture you will figure that there is no one correct way to being a perfect parent. Infact a ‘Perfect Parenting’ is a misnomer. There are just good and responsible parents. And there is no one route to being a ‘Good Parent’.

Mommytincture – The Mommy Blog

Mommytincture is an amalgamation of thoughts and ideas that help parents make sensitive and informed decisions regarding various aspects of kids upbringing.

As a Mommy Blog, Mommytincture is also a one-stop platform, where women (mothers or not) may find answers to some relevant issues that impact their life choices. In the gamut of thoughts overflown into words, there are some questions to ponder upon and cues to answers that will help make life worth living.

What Do I write about

  • My experiences with my kids
  • Travel stories
  • Books
  • Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • DIY activities
  • Life Lessons
  • Latest trends in parenting/personal care/home care etc.
  • Fiction/Non-Fiction Stories about Relationships

Who Am I?

I am an engineer, turned HR professional turned working mother turned stay-at-home-mother turned work-from-home mother of two boys under 5 years of age.

In a span of 15 years , I have stayed in atleast 5 different cities and thus traversed the length and breadth of my country. Its been a privilege to be able to observe and understand distinct cultures. Apart from being passionate about my profession as a Human Resources Professional, I am an ardent reader and a lover of leisure cooking.

In this space I recount my journey as a mother, a woman and foremost a human being. Read my musings about falling in love with life with every passing day.

So, Welcome !

This is my emotional journey towards achieving Nirvana while remaining a mother:)

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