Green Tea

My Trysts With Tea And Love For Green Tea

posted by Anupriya February 15, 2019 14 Comments

For all the first 22 years of my life, I had never ever tasted chai. Yes! As much as you may want to widen your eyes, that’s the truth of my life. Coffee sometimes, yes, but anything to do with tea sent my nose scrunching while the others around me scowled in disbelief.

Well! There’s some background to this aversion to tea. As per my mom I belong to that scarce species of kids who loved milk. Infact both us sisters would have a long standing face-off, inspecting two glasses on the table to claim the one with more milk (even though my mom made sure to give us the same amount to the best of her ability). Strangely enough, even during my teens, I never felt the need to switch to tea. I was more than happy with my milk indulgences with half a dozen flavors that my mom stocked the kitchen with. Continue Reading

Child Behavior

Decoding Child Behavior – Getting My Kids To Listen To Me

posted by Anupriya February 13, 2019 5 Comments

“Why do you have to do this?”

“What kind of a behavior is that?”

“You will create all this mess, and I will clean it up? Am I your mother or a maid?”

“Why do you keep fighting with your cousin?”

“Please have another bite, please! Ok I will switch the television on… please now have a bite..”

“God! Why wouldn’t you listen? I have been after you for the entire day. Have not been able to get one pence of work done today.

This was me until a few months ago.  I was always tired and fatigued. And then, I was constantly surrounded by women, old (whose kids are now grown up) and young (who have no kids yet) who didn’t stop singing eulogies about how blessed I was to have such cute little kids. Little yes, but cute? They seem more devilish to me. I wished to retort, but I knew something was amiss within me only. Because all those moms on the social media have such a pally equation with their kid(s). They keep blowing the trumpet of gentle parenting, when I am constantly struggling to not raise my voice at my kids. Despite reading up so much on parenting techniques, and writing too much myself about parenting experiences, there definitely had to be something I was not doing right. But what? Everytime I raised my voice, I wondered what is it about child behavior that I am not able to put my finger on. Continue Reading


Vishakhapatnam is an Ideal Weekend Getaway with Kids – #XploreBharat

posted by Anupriya February 11, 2019 20 Comments

We had our first vacation with both our kids in March, 2018 and were very proud of ourselves for pulling it through quite successfully. Ummm! We managed to cover only half the sites in McleodGanj, but we really enjoyed ourselves. Amidst planning a slow itinerary and including some local parks to keep the kids entertained, we did manage to have some leisure WE time on the terrace of our hotel while it drizzled. Aah! The romance… But last month, when we were to travel to Vishakhapatnam, I was absolutely skeptical of that kind of a smooth run.  One, we were traveling in a group (yes! 5 couples and 4 kids, the eldest one being my Nik at almost 6 years) And two, the kids were older now, with minds of their own. It was going to be a hell lot of work to comply with a travel program. But as the journey unfolded, I was actually surprised at how more kids did not mean more work. On the contrary, while the kids were mostly busy playing among themselves, we had a respectable amount of OUR time with day time adult conversations and late night poker. Continue Reading

Movie Haami

Bengali Movie Haami – A Curious Case Of Paranoid Parenting

posted by Anupriya February 8, 2019 20 Comments

I have some fond childhood memories of watching some coveted movies in regional language every Sunday on Doordarshan TV. Ever since, I have been quite open to watching movies in vernacular languages given they have acquired the acclaimed and appreciated status. One such movie I recently came across was the Bengali movie Haami. This movie was highly recommended by my Bengali friends in Kolkata and the title song ‘Bhuttu Bhaijaan’ also caught my kids’ fancy. Only that it took me some while to arrange for the movie to be viewed on television.

Why I call the movie Haami as a curious case of paranoid parenting is, because from the word go, the movie is a reflection of how indulged a generation of parents we are.  Here’s a peep into how this movie is a study in itself of parenting behavior and how it impacts our kids. Continue Reading

Work and Life

Take this #10YearChallenge with a Twist

posted by Anupriya February 2, 2019 9 Comments

I am generally a camera shy person, specially in the context of my readiness to share my pictures on social media. I do so only when absolutely necessary, or when I see no other way out. Come January’19 and all our timelines were flooded with people’s pictures with the #10YearChallenge. Please believe me when I say that I was too tempted, but my laziness won over and kept me away from digging into my Pitaraa of memories (read my extendable hard-disk). But then came along another #10yearchallenge by my dear friend and an ace blogger / author Romila of Novemberschild and I couldn’t wait to take this challenge. Read about Romila’s #10YearChallenge here

So here goes my version of the #10YearChallenge thrown by her – Continue Reading

Kid HumorParenting

20 Tiny Stories That Surmise The Joys and Challenges Of Parenting

posted by Anupriya January 28, 2019 2 Comments

I read somewhere that parenting is like making a fresher the Head of Department without any experience, training or briefing. Who ever said this could not be more correct. This is the magic of Parenting. It is both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. And you just can’t give up. Here in this post I bring to you 20 terribly tiny stories that present in few words some magical and heart-wrenching moments in a parents life.


1 Continue Reading

Reshma K Barshikar
Book Review

Book Review – The Hidden Children by Reshma K Barshikar

posted by Anupriya January 22, 2019 0 comments

The closest that I have been to fantasy in my life is when a bunch of us cousins tried calling on the spirits, using a plancchette. I want to laugh over the thought now (like you are), but if I were to also reminisce over the experience, it was really spooky. I mean, we didn’t even get around to calling the real spirits. Just a mid-night adventure, by preparing a plancchette based on some half baked knowledge of a reading enthusiast teenager and sitting around it with some  candles in the periphery. As we began to chant something (again sourced by the learned cousin), a hair raising feel spread around in the room. And just then, me the coward opened my eyes and declared that I didn’t want to be a part of this. I had unconditional support from one of my other cousins, and eventually the idea got dropped. But for the next couple of days (i.e. the number of days left during the summer vacations) all of us remained terrified fearing that our little experiment might have invited something that may cause trouble.  Finding it laugh worthy? I completely am with you.

But what if something really had come through that day? This is a thought that I will take to my grave, because I might possibly never be able to ask this question to a butterfly. Oh! You might wonder from where did the butterfly come from!

Well, some children really can talk to butterflies. But to know more about them, you might have to first read Reshma K.Barshikar’s The Hidden Children – The Lost Grimoire

The Hidden Children – The Lost Grimoire by Reshma K Barshikar – Book Review

The book blurb asks you “What would you do to talk to a butterfly”, well at this juncture of my life and for the next 10 years I would ask only one question to myself, “What would you do to understand a pre-teen’s or a teen’s mind?”

In answer, I would say that I’d read a powerful book such as The Hidden Children by Reshma K Barshikar. A book that is surely high on fantasy, but at its core lays a plot that runs deep into the veins and nerves of a handful of of teenagers and portrays a convincing story of friendship, love, infatuation, jealousy, ambition, personal insecurities and everything under the realm of a teenage life that you can imagine about.

The Hidden Children – The Lost Grimoire is essentially the story of Shui,  an extremely ordinary rather plagued by personal challenges teenager. While she goes about her life surrounded by people who love her, she still feels insufficient and rather ‘Mediocre’ . She is constantly on an overdrive within her mind for being nobody special. Things change with the appearance of ‘Anya’ in her class, who she is drawn to for no specific reason. But later this attraction turns into a friendship with a secret. Shui suddenly finds her life to be having a purpose beyond the normal and she thrives on this special knowledge and power.

What follows is an interesting twist and turn of eventss, where much is revealed, even more is understood and acted upon. For a bunch of young kids to go through a roaster coaster journey as this is a craft that needed a lot of patience and getting under the skin along with the research.

It is interesting to live through the transformation that Shui goes through as she discovers more about her special powers, faces challenges that come accrued with these powers and the character that build up in the face of adversities. She comes out with true colors as she pledges to stand by her new friend not dumping her even when she goes disarray. How she is grounded enough to apologise to her old friends and get back with them to face the impending challenges.

The revelations have been made at just the right instances during the plot, to pique the readers’ interest enough to keep them going. Though a little slow and dragged in the beginning, it is not long before the story grips you like a vice. And the best part is that by now you are yourself so hooked that you aren’t struggling to free yourself.

Reshma K Barshikar surely has the potential to turn this into our very own Indian fantasy series and a promising one at that. I wish for this book to be extremely successful and popular. And can’t wait for the author to begin the next book in the series.

I received this book as a part of the review program in Outset” 

Read more Book Reviews here
Long Shrug Superwoman
Kid Humor

Superpowers I would like to get in 2019 – Naah! A Long Shrug Would Suffice

posted by Anupriya January 20, 2019 32 Comments

I have never been too much of a fashion or trends buff, comfort invariably taking precedence over style. But once in a while, I do like to buy stuff that promises to be comfortable, and add to my swag. One such garment I bought this winters was a long shrug.

That day, I put my olive green shrug on, and nodded in approval at the reflection in the mirror.  I was completely satisfied with the suave look it gave me over my black trousers and tank top. Well my time to admire myself was now up. I immediately jumped into action, packing stuff for the kids. I was to drive them down for stage rehearsals for the annual winter carnival. Costume check –Jackets check – Snacks check – Water Bottles check – My Sanity check. Continue Reading

Kanchana Banerjee
Book Review

Book Review – A Forgotten Affair by Kanchana Banerjee

posted by Anupriya January 10, 2019 0 comments

For a long, long time of my adult life, I have stayed away from mature romance. One primary reason being that most of the books in this genre deal with some very discomforting issues such as domestic abuse, infidelity etc. To say the least, most of us don’t find these aspects to meet well with our sensibilities. Yet now as I near my middle age, I realize that to judge is not a very good virtue. There is always a story to what led to what it led to. ‘A Forgotten Affair’ by Kanchana Banerjee is one such tale of love, betrayal and deceit that will make you shift in your seats.

Book Review – A Forgotten Affair by Kanchana Banerjee

The plot is very discomfiting from the word go, with the lady lead Sagarika meeting with an accident and losing her memory and the husband evidently camouflaging the entire situation. For a long part, the author dwells into how miserable Sagarika is feeling as she tries to remember her past. Through a gripping narrative, I definitely felt the frustration, the fear and uncertainty that she must have felt in her situation. But as the pages of the past finally begin to unfold, I felt incredulous at how one’s life could go awry in an unexpected turn of events.  Continue Reading

Bullet Journal
BloggingWork and Life

Bullet Journal – Planning my 2019 effectively

posted by Anupriya January 2, 2019 1 Comment

What is A Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a superlatively descriptive format of a Diary or a To-Do Journal that you maintain to keep a record of your daily, weekly, monthly activities.  Not only is it descriptive, it also puts almost everything in Black and White.  When I first came across the idea of a bullet journal, I set out to make one but didn’t realize that I need to put a premise to it. Confused? Ummm, let me explain.

A Bullet Journal could be used for various premises of your personality. It could be a virtue tracker, a habit tracker, health tracker, work task tracker and every other tracker that might exist under the sky.  So yes, last year when I set up a Bullet Journal for myself, I tried to squeeze in everything together. I amalgamated my personal errands, my blogging tasks and my Pranic Healing Virtue Practicing all into one journal. As a result, by the end of month one i.e. January, 2018 I was too overwhelmed to create the entire monthly log the second time. I still managed the second month and dragged through it by going back to my journal not daily (like I did in the first month), but only weekly. The weekly affair then turned into a monthly affair by March and by April, I felt too hassled to go back to the Bullet Journal format. I was happy with my daily to-do list and my blog to-do list.  The satisfaction that crossing out the items and adding the items gave me was unmatchable. Continue Reading