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My Baby Sleeps Peacefully Again – #Nasivion

posted by Anupriya August 10, 2018 2 Comments

As a child and even as an adult, I have always dreaded cold and nasal congestion. And my fears have deepened after becoming a mother. Most of the times, I am the kind of mother who encourages her kids to take calculated risks and does not fret too much when they fall sick or get hurt. I rely on homemade remedies for common ailments like fever, sore throat, body ache, colic pain, etc. In most of the cases, the homemade remedies do work and I am spared a visit to the doctor. But that’s that! When it comes to cold and nasal congestion, I find myself helpless and clueless. The reason being that kids are extremely prone to catching a cold and, more often than not, this common cold results in either a running nose or nasal congestion. Continue Reading

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The Potty Training Saga

posted by Anupriya April 18, 2018 1 Comment

Amrita was first advised about potty training when Nik was 1 month old. Surprisingly, the advise did not come from her mother or mother in law. It was her DAD who very diligently advised her on the benefits of starting early. Amrita, who was just recuperating from the aftermaths of a c-section and getting used to the routine of feed-sleep-clean was almost like “Gaffawk”. Her face read like “is it even possible for a 1 month old to understand any signals for potty training?”

‘Oh! Absolutely. Look’ Mr. Gunjal held little Nik in his lap, holding out his legs outwards raising them a little, ‘This is how you do it.’ And he began to blow out whistles. Amrita was amazed when after a minute of whistle blowing Nik actually did give out.

‘I told you.’ Mr. Gunjal said triumphantly, ‘If you are a little vigilant and do this at regular time intervals, in no time your boy will be completely toilet trained.’ Amrita looked on in awe and amusement.

After spending a month at her parents, Amrita came back to her house. She tried following to some extent, what her Dad had trained her on regarding Potty training for Nik. Surprisingly, her Mom-in-law, quite approved of her practices on this matter.

‘We did not have diapers in our times. Had we not been vigilant, we would have two dozens of cloth nappies to wash everyday, for which we did not have nannies.’ Radhaji had said as a matter of fact.

By the time Nik turned 3 months old, Amrita’s Dad called up to ask if she had bought the potty seat for Nik yet. To Amrita’s irritation, the first-time Grandfather did not check on this update just once. He called her almost every other day to check how his grandson was doing.

Amrita would be like, “Papa, Potty seat? He can’t even sit yet.” But her expert Dad replied, “Arre! But the seat has a back support. You don’t know, we had trained you and your sister in the similar manner. And we never had to struggle with your potty habits.” Amrita continued to remain amused and startled, both at the same time.

Tired of his following up, Amrita decided to go shopping and buy a seat. Now a potty seat was something that her mother-in-law had not used with her kids. So obviously, she was very skeptical about the utility of buying it at all. Amrita sympathized with her to some extent because her logic too said, ‘How will this three month old sit on this thing? What’s the hurry for a potty seat? By the time he learns to sit, we can put him on the actual WC.’

Nevertheless, Amrita followed her Dad’s instructions to the T and started using the little seat thingy by putting Nik on it everytime he showed signals of going red in the face which was a signal of sorts. By the time Nik turned 6 months, Amrita’s hardwork paid off and she declared with a lot of pride that her LO was completely potty trained. A feat that left her amazed and relieved both. She sighed thinking how proud her dad would be of her. She giggled mentally thinking how it felt equivalent to running upto her dad for telling him her academic achievements in a different age.

Nevertheless, with a Potty Trained Nik, Amrita had a ball of a time for the next 4 months.

And then one day Nik decided to unlearn everything!

But Amrita did not pay much attention to this reversal of habit by Nik because she had joined back work and thought that when she wasn’t spending enough time with Nik to be able to closely monitor his habits(all included), she must not fret over how her mother-in-law or the maid were taking care of Nik. While at home, none of the other family members fretted about any inconvenience making life only easier for her.

But one day Amrita started biting her nails, when she planned a vacation to her my parents. Nik was going to be 16 months and she was like, oh fish!

‘This boy is going to be a mess in my Dad’s house and my Dad is going to make me feel miserable for not doing my job properly.’ Amrita panicked.

Anyway, she reached her parents place, and by the end of 2 days, she realised it was not only her Dad who was obsessed with potty training. All her mother’s friends, including her sister who visited to meet them widened their eyes in disbelief on seeing Nik in a Diaper. “Yeh abhi tak bhi batata nahi hai?” would be the invariable question. Amrita had no words to express how embarrassed she felt. Every time any visitor shook their head in discontentment, she felt like she had committed a cardinal crime. At the end of exactly two days of feeling miserable, she decided to research on Potty training on the internet. To her relief Amrita figured that the optimum age when the kids can be expected to retain their potty habits is 2 years. Before that kids might react to some signals, but not all kids may be able to keep their call of nature in control. With this new knowledge backed by scientific research, Amrita took a deep breath and patted her shoulder in self condolence.

In the midst of a busy schedule completing house chores, managing a loaded office job and spending time with Nik, Amrita managed to continue her potty training efforts. She was determined that the next time she visited her parents, she was not going to give them a chance to question her dedication as a mother. 8 months later, when at her maiden home, Amrita very diligently made Nik take trips to the toilet at regular intervals. She still had to struggle to justify to her parents why she had to use a diaper for him whenever she went out. After a couple of instances of their objection, she simply thre out her hands and shrugged saying, “Aap logon ke time pe Diapers utne accessible nahi the na. Right now if we have this facility / utility (whatever) why not use it?” Her displeased parents sighed and withdrew. Never again did they say anything about diapers to their daughter.

By the time Nik turned three, Amrita could happily claim that Nik is almost completely potty trained. Almost because there still was this risk of an ‘accident’, in the most unexpected places and circumstances.

Amrita often wonders what’s been on Nik’s mind regarding this little potty training saga of his early life!!!

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Caladryl Diaper Cream from Piramal – Product Review

posted by Anupriya January 30, 2018 11 Comments

For my elder son I used both cloth diapers as well as disposable ones until the time he was perfectly toilet trained sans accidents. Use of disposable diapers was mostly limited to outdoor trips and at night through the winters. I am practicing a similar approach for my younger one too. I have come to realize that whether you use cloth nappies, cloth diapers or disposable diapers your kid is susceptible to rashes mostly due to exposure to wetness on the skin and sometimes from the chaffing that is caused from friction or rubbing of the nappy/ diaper against the skin.

As per doctors, certain enzymes in stool also irritate the skin which may cause redness / rashes in the bum area. And this problem sustains till the time the child is potty trained. Every mum of a little child has to look for a precautionary or curative remedy for rashes in the diaper area. Continue Reading


Your Child’s Hair Needs Special Care

posted by Anupriya November 6, 2017 11 Comments

Do you remember the first time you took your baby in your hands? Apart from the happiness and joy that you felt exhilarated with, there sure must have been some concerns. “Will I be able to generate enough breastfeed for my baby? I hope I hold her the right way! She looks so tiny and fragile. Oh! Her skin is sooooo sensitive. I must take care that she does not get any rashes. I hope her hair keeps the volume and shine she grew up with” I am sure that if a survey was done about the concerns that lurked around new moms the above doubts would top the charts.

I often wonder how as mothers or care givers, we are so obsessed with our babies’ skin and hair care from day one. And rightly so! We want the right kind of soap that’s paraben free, aanti-allergic and soft on the baby’s skin. Also for the apple of our eye we want a shampoo that cleanses the scalp thoroughly and is not harsh on the eyes. As a mother of two boys, one a toddler and one a primary schooler, it recently occurred to me that kids’ hair cleansing requirement also changes with age. I would classify these based on the stage of growth of a child as from a little baby to a toddler to beyond that. Continue Reading

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Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion – Product Review

posted by Anupriya September 25, 2017 19 Comments

I have extremely sensitive skin prone to sunburns even with only a few minutes out in the sun and my husband has suffered from an allergic skin until he crossed his 20s. It is only natural then that I fret over my children’s skin and its proper care. When I received the Aveeno Baby Lotion as a sample for a product review, I first used it on my hands for at least a week. Once I was satisfied with no allergic reactions or rashes on my skin, I started using it on my children. Continue Reading

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Why I Need Nutrition Supplement For My Vegetarian Kids

posted by Anupriya August 18, 2017 2 Comments

My elder son is an extremely picky eater. In last the 3 years after he stopped breastfeeding, I really do not remember a time when I have not been worried or bogged down because my son wasn’t eating enough. He was hardly eating, I was quite convinced that he was definitely falling short on significant nutrients that he requires in his initial years of growth. By the time he was 2 years old, I was contemplating various options on how I could supplement the nutrition that he was falling short of.

In the meanwhile, I met a cousin who had kids slightly older than my son and shared with her my concerns about his eating habits and how I need to start some supplements for him. I remember mentioning to her very categorically that how she was lucky that her kids were enthusiastic eaters and she did not have to worry about supplementing their nutritional requirements.  She took a deep sigh and told me that as vegetarians, we ran a high risk of losing out on various nutrients that vegetarian foods cannot provide adequately. Thus she too had to resort to health food drink for her kids. Her reply surprised me and I decided to take this up with my doc.

On my next visit to the family doctor I brought up the issue and following were my most significant points to take away from the discussion –

  1. A meal devoid of meat, fish and eggs is generally devoid of sufficient amount of nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, Omega-3 etc.
  2. Though most of the above nutrients are available in milk and dairy products, they may not be sufficient to fulfill the needs of a healthy growth rate among children.
  3. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian picky eaters run a risk of hampered growth due to various deficiencies from an age as early as 2 years onwards.
  4. Nutrients such as DHA and Choline play a vital role in development of brain cells. Incidentally DHA is available in extremely limited vegetarian food items such as flax seeds, soy products etc. And introducing these foods to toddlers may be a little tricky especially in case of picky eaters.

Thus my family doctor’s safest bet to ensure that my kid got all the nutrients that he needed was to introduce him to a health drink that contained all the necessary nutrition to ensure healthy physical and brain development and at the same time was tasty enough to make it easy to include it in his daily diet.

I had been prescribed a mother’s health drink by Horlicks’ during my pregnancy. And as I recalled my pregnancy that was laced with food aversions, the health drink was a high point of my meal routine that I looked forward to. Thus I checked with my doc if Junior Horlicks’ was a good choice. Once he approved of the alternative, I began by mixing a small quantity of Junior Horlicks’ in my son’s milk, so as to acclimatize him with new taste. To my relief he took it positively, so within a week I was adding the prescribed quantity to his daily milk intake.

Within a couple of months,I could see some definite positive effects. Ability to engage himself in any activity with sustained level of interest was one of the most significant impacts. Also, earlier my little one used to be extremely fidgety and lacked interest in following instructions. His reactions to certain situations were sometimes very aggressive. But with time, he began to look more composed and confident about himself and displayed significant improvement in terms of following instructions at play-school.

Even if I discounted the behavioral irregularities to growth spurts and credited the subsequent settling down of the same to time, I felt very nice about a health drink in my kid’s otherwise stingy diet routine, because I knew that not only was it aiding in proper brain development, but was also a source of sufficient proteins to provide for a good physical growth and not to forget, its immuno-nutrients were actively working towards a stronger immune system.

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DayCare Facilities – In The Government Radar

posted by Anupriya May 18, 2017 1 Comment

During a conversation with a friend in Australia, I was amazed to know that for working mothers there Day Care for their little one is not an option, it is an eventuality. Home baby-sitting is another alternative, which works out slightly expensive and has its own disadvantages. We then discussed at length how things were different in India and people had huge reservations about sending their kids to a crèche/day care. Continue Reading


Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath – Product Review

posted by Anupriya May 10, 2017 0 comments

Some kids love to play with water and enjoy their bath time no matter what. Using a no-tears baby bath or shampoo is the most important aspect of encouraging your baby to keep this good practice. Lest the burning sensation caused due to an inappropriate soap or bathing wash will make the baby reluctant towards a relaxing bath.

As far as I am concerned, I had been using the Himalaya Nourishing Soap for a long time for my little one. But when I planned to travel to my mom’s place I wanted something that was easy to carry without any hassle Continue Reading


Minimal List – Baby Essentials Till She Turns 3 Months

posted by Anupriya May 2, 2017 0 comments

If you are approaching your delivery and preparing to welcome your bundle of joy into your world, you are definitely hassled with listing the important things that you will require to make the baby comfortable into this new world. The retail bazaar out there is stuffed items that are very attractive and entice you to fill up your home with few things that will be useful and many things that will only add to the clutter in your house.

Coming of a baby earmarks provision of more space for the baby and the essential baby items that will come accrued. It is also a lot of cost. It is of prime importance that you very judiciously budget your expenses and not blindly give in to the urge of buying fancy stuff Continue Reading


Baby Swaddling – Everything you need to know

posted by Anupriya April 18, 2017 0 comments

Swaddling may be defined as wrapping the baby with a blanket or similar piece of cloth to make the baby feel warm. Swaddling is important for your baby –

  • Research says that new born babies take upto 3-4 months to get accustomed to the world outside their mother’s womb. They are used to a warm environment within the womb. Swaddling makes babies feel the similar snug and thus feel comfortable.
  • Continue Reading