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Eat.Delete.Junior – Book Review

posted by Mommy Tincture August 14, 2017 0 comments

I often observe that other moms in my ‘village’ are better read than me where it concerns good v/s bad nutrition practices for their kids. While I struggle to get them to fill up their tummies, they seem to be making conscious decisions about their kids’ nutrition. I feel like I possess a mole of notions compared to the mountain of knowledge other mothers’ have. Their source for all I guess is the free information available on the world wide web. Yet, I find the tsunami of information available on the internet overwhelming. So when I came across Eat.Delete.Junior by Pooja Makhija, my first reaction was a deep sigh! Another of those heavy advise laden books about what to feed, what not to feed your kids. Continue Reading

23rd girl
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New Book Review – The 23rd Girl

posted by Mommy Tincture July 1, 2017 3 Comments

I picked up reading as a hobby very late in my life. It was only during the last year of my graduation that I took to reading ardently. When I did start taking reading seriously, I often wondered why there were so few Indian authors in the commercial fiction genre. Keep in mind this was 15 years back. The last decade to my delight has seen a surge in this number and has brought a revolution in the reading demographics of our country. People relate to Indian fiction more than the western ones and the youth is able to pick books for the sheer fun of reading a story that they can relate to. A high percentage of these books by the new age authors are essentially love stories and every novel brings a new aspect of love to the table.

One of the latest addition to the riot of romantic colours is the new book by Divya Ratan and Rohan Kachalia, ‘The 23rd Girl’

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