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NovembersChild – 5 favourite books authored by women writers (Guest Post)

posted by Anupriya October 31, 2018 0 comments

I love to read, I have since I was a little girl.  I remember winning books in many contests during school and college time. Now that book reviewing is a part of my profession as Novemberschild , I read more and more. Since I love books so much, I thought I’d share some the titles which are now a part of my all time favourite books. Here’s a list of 5 women authors – whom I have read a lot and are my personal favourites, in no particular order of preference or genre who have contributed to literary scene, and who for me they are women full of vision, fearlessness and original. Kudos to the barriers they broke in the literary world and beyond. Continue Reading

Home Chores Kids Can Help With
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5 Chores Any Toddler Can Do

posted by Anupriya June 22, 2018 1 Comment

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Doing household chores can often make you feel bored, tired or even frustrated, especially when you have one, two or more toddlers at home. But cleaning and other chores at home could be a  lot of fun if you are patient and try helping your little child learn some basic things in the household maintenance. However, your two or three-year old child can not perform ‘tasks’ alone. Therefore,you have to understand that they are only helping you little bit in the everyday household wok. You have to be there at all times, help them do things, encourage and reward them, if they succeed. Continue Reading

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4 Amazing Things That Happen When You Give a Kid a Camera

posted by Anupriya June 19, 2018 2 Comments

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If you think that only professional photographers can make amazing photos, you are wrong. Have you ever thought of buying a camera for your child? Exactly – for your child, regardless of the age. If you hadn’t known, there are certain benefits of providing your child with a camera. Well, not the most expensive one, but a small Polaroid would be just fine. Art plays a fundamental role in the development of children and photography is a fantastic door to awaken that moment in them. The cameras for children provide them with a tool that allows them to portray their vision of the world around them. Here is why you should consider buying this for your loved ones. Continue Reading