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Teaching Your Kid – Good Touch Bad Touch

posted by Mommy Tincture April 15, 2017 2 Comments

Given the known history of child abuse I realized that when it comes to abuse, you have to be vigilant enough to not eliminate anyone as a prospect abuser. In today’s times kids come across so many people during their daily routine that you can never be sure about your kids safety. Though it is not advisable to turn into a maniac worrying about or suspecting every other person as a possible abuser, yet an effective way of dealing with this situation is to Continue Reading

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Parenting Is Not A Corporate Job

posted by Mommy Tincture April 7, 2017 0 comments

As a corporate professional, one’s mind is attuned to think in terms of expectations, KRAs, deadlines, quality etc. as means to attaining success. This is likely to have a spillover in your personal life because every challenge becomes a matter of your honor and an opportunity to prove your capability. Because you are used to accepting professional challenges you take your parenting tasks equally seriously and embark upon completing them with similar vigor as you would do your professional tasks. Gradually, you realize you are exhausted and frustrated at the same time. You set certain expectations of yourself and your kid. When they are not met with, a sense of failure sets in. You feel that your efforts have not been acknowledged by your kid. You become even more desperate to get your kids to fall in line with your demands. Continue Reading

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Autism Makes A Child Different Not Disabled

posted by Mommy Tincture March 15, 2017 0 comments

Until recently, my exposure to autism was limited to Aamir Khan’s representation of the disorder in his movie “Taare Zameen Par”. A couple of weeks back when I was at my son’s activity class, I observed a fellow mother who had come to drop her son; along with her was a slightly elder boy whom she was constantly instructing and monitoring. One day I summoned courage to exchange greetings with her and inquired if her son was suffering from some special attention scenario. “He is Autistic” were her plain and simple words. I could see nothing in her words or her tone or expressions that invited any sympathy, Continue Reading

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Day Care Centers – Why Are They Unsafe And What Can We Do About It

posted by Mommy Tincture November 30, 2016 3 Comments

When I first saw the news about the assault on a 10 month old baby at a daycare in Navi Mumbai, my first reaction was that probably I was right in deciding to give-up my job to take care of my kids. Because the best place where our kids will be safe is ‘home’. But that was a choice that I made; I am one individual, my priorities and prerogatives in life could be / are different from other individuals. There are several mothers who for reasons best understood by them and their partners continue working. Sending their child to a Day Care facility is not an easy decision in the first place. Continue Reading

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Free Will Of My Little Devil

posted by Mommy Tincture February 17, 2016 0 comments

One fine day last week Nick started throwing tantrums that he didn’t want to go the school. I thought may be he is finding going to school very taxing after the 3-day break that he had to take due to his viral fever. But I observed that since then every morning he has been extremely reluctant about going to school and would start crying the moment I would drop him off at the school gate.

This behavior of his got me worrying as he has been going to Montessori for almost 10 months now, but never did I find him unenthusiastic about going to school. Rather all this while he has been be extremely excited at the prospect of meeting his friends and the outdoor play time at school.
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Kid Issues

My Aggression My Guilt My Confession

posted by Mommy Tincture January 14, 2016 0 comments

When I set out to read some self help stuff on how to tackle my aggression in reaction to tantrums thrown in by my 2 and a half year old Nick, I found very less material on the world wide net. What I found instead were numerous articles and write-ups elaborating on how to manage aggressive toddler behavior.

I sighed at the futility of trying to manage his rash behavior when I cannot check my own knee-jerk reactions to his one naughty act here or a tantrum there.

One primary reason for my impatience while dealing with my son is that being a working mother, I always have a long To Do list which impacts my willingness to be a little more patient. And over the years, I have got into a mold where even when I don’t have anything urgent to do, my mind is always on the run and thus resulting in knee-jerk reactions to Nicks naughtiness.
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Will My Child Grow Up To Be What He Should Grow Up To Be?

posted by Mommy Tincture January 8, 2016 0 comments

Oh No! Please do not judge me as a mother who has already set the goals for her son to grow up to be a doctor, or an engineer or even a dancer or musician for that matter. At the same time neither am I sure nor do I commit to be that liberal mother who might just take it in my stride when Nik might grow up and come up to me saying, “Mom! I want to be a communist activist! I will fight against the capitalist system that is ruining our country!”

Then, the question that the title of this blog holds bold is, what is it that I am really scared of? Before I answer my own question, let me take you through a small background of why this question has been troubling me for a couple of days.
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