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posted by Mommy Tincture February 19, 2018 7 Comments

 ‘When you really want something, the universe conspires to bring it to you’ –Paulo Coehelo, Alchemist

‘Absolutely everything you experience in your life is a result of what you have given in your thoughts and feelings, whether you realize you have given them or not.’ – Rhonda Byrne, ‘Secret’

Both the statements above make you believe that ‘Energy follows Thought’. And if that is the case, it is only and only in your hands to improve the deteriorating or stagnant condition of your relationships. ‘Mindfulness’, a simple practice of training your mind to think in a particular manner and consciously make an effort to always think positive is called ‘Affirmations’.

The founding premise of the ‘Affirmations’ technique is to train one’s mind to think in a specific way. As per the practitioners of mindfulness and mental wellness, affirmations are the most powerful tool that every individual possesses with or without knowledge, which has the capability to bring drastic changes in quality of life. Continue Reading


5 Things I want to Tell My kids About Love – #ValentinesDay

posted by Mommy Tincture February 13, 2018 0 comments

As I see my two boys grow up everyday physically and emotionally, I wonder how they perceive love. Then I wonder, what is it that I am doing to help them understand the meaning of Love. This Valentines Day I delve into how I can contribute towards helping my kids to perceive Love in its true glory.

Here are 5 things I would want to tell my kids about Love. Continue Reading


A Letter to My Husband This Valentine’s – #LetterOfLove

posted by Mommy Tincture February 9, 2018 5 Comments

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.
Today’s prompt is ‘Letter to Beloved ’

Oh god! This is the most difficult #Letter Of Love I am going to have to write. I have never ever spoken about how I feel about you in public. In an instance or two, I have only told my closest of friends about how I feel about you. Though in some lighter moments with family or friends, I have talked about your shortcomings, I have never really deemed it essential or appropriate to speak my heart out where you were concerned. And today I am going make an attempt to do the same. Continue Reading


A Letter to my 25 Year Old Self

posted by Mommy Tincture February 8, 2018 10 Comments

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.
Today’s prompt is ‘Letter to Yourself’

My dear 25 year old younger self,

If I were to meet you today, you would actually laugh at me. Or even mock me for what I have turned into. But, you know what? I might mock back too. But then that’s obvious, isn’t it? I now belong to a different world with different dreams and different aspirations. But that’s good news! Because change as you grow old is only a sign of one thing, that you are growing up to be wise.  There are a couple of things I want to point out to you specifically – Continue Reading

LifeStyleWork and Life

How many lifelines do you have? I have many! – #LetterOfLove to Friends

posted by Mommy Tincture February 7, 2018 11 Comments

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.
Today’s prompt is ‘Letter to Friends’

If someone asked me to define what importance does friendship hold in my life, this is how I’ll put it –

I really don’t fear falling anywhere…. That’s because you my friend will be there to hold me and pull me back to my feet.

Everytime, every single time I am about to go into the dungeons of self-doubt and holler in self pity about difficulties of life, I have someone hit me on my butt and get me going. That someone is you my friend.

There are times when I do not wish to do much and just chill, have some good time and enjoy. At such a time I do not have to do much. I just call up someone, make a plan and we both get going.  That someone is you my friend.

Continue Reading


A Letter for My Latest Love of Life

posted by Mommy Tincture February 6, 2018 7 Comments

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.
Today’s prompt is ‘Letter to an Inanimate Object’

Today’s prompt encouraged us to write a ‘letter of love’ to an inanimate object. As soon as I eyed the prompt, I knew instantly what object I wanted to profess my love to. Though on a second thought there emerged a couple of contenders namely, my laptop, my FM embedded speakers and my mobile phone. Yet my heart kept racing back to that one thing that makes all the above mentioned things take a back seat.

I would like to elaborate why?

There are times when I am engrossed with this love of my life, I forget that I have to work on content for my blog. Knowing that my laptop is pinning for me to open up its flaps and start typing fervently on it, I chose to ignore it till the time, work can no more be procrastinated. Continue Reading


Family, I owe you my existence – #LettersOfLove

posted by Mommy Tincture February 5, 2018 21 Comments

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.
Today’s prompt is ‘Letter to Parents/Kids’

Where should I start, and where could I end? I am clueless on how could I ever thank my family to do justice to what they mean to me. I say family because among my parents, in-laws and kids I could not forget my sister. Thus I am going to approach my write-up with a holistic view with my family in mind.

And if I were to make it quick, I’d rather thank god, for blessing me with a family where I find absolute balance. How? Well let’s just put it that different members of my family inspire me to be more than I currently am –

My parents gave me an upbringing, that made me believe that I could be anything. Absolutely anything! They taught me to never be bound by any inhibitions and actual or perceived limitations. Even today when I do not stay with them, they are the constant reminders of my aspirations and ambitions in life. Whenever I am engulfed with self doubt they act as thought catalysts and encourage me to go and get it. Continue Reading


To the new beginnings – #GratitudeCircle

posted by Mommy Tincture February 2, 2018 3 Comments

The ‘Alchemist’ theory says that when you seek something with utter sincerity, the entire universe conspires to bring it to you. For some time now, I have been stumbling upon numerous groups and platforms that talk about unlocking ones potential through the power of one’s own mind. Initially I dismissed these as marketing gimmicks of the so to say mushrooming personality development coaches. On cursory reading, all the mind unblocking theories that these people online seemed to be propagating, one thing kept recurring. ‘GRATITUDE’ !

I discussed this with my Pranic Healing coach (who was talking about the power of forgiveness). I told her ,

“Gratitude is selling big in the spiritual circles these days.  Everyone seems to be talking about the power of being thankful.’

‘Is it? I havn’t come across too much of it.’ was her curious reply. Continue Reading


What Happens when Parents Fight infront of Kids

posted by Mommy Tincture January 22, 2018 12 Comments

As a child the most frustrating moments I experienced were, when I saw my mom upset because of a tiff she had with my father. These arguments did not always happen in front of me or my sister. But looking at my mom teary eyed left me worked up and frustrated. One day in my innocence, I walked up to my mom and said to her,

‘Let papa come back home today, I will ask him why he makes you cry?’

My mom suddenly forgot about her hurt from the argument with papa, and replied wide eyed,

‘Oh dear! You must not speak up in elder’s matters. If we have had an argument, we will sort it out ourselves. You must not get involved.’

I nodded to her thoughtfully but thought in my mind

‘If Mom wants me to keep away from anything to do with the argument, why subject me to the effects of their argument. ‘

I was a teenager then. I had the ability to judge the situation, understand it and form my opinion about it. But what happens when parents argue infront of their kids who are much younger?

Through what I have read about the research on the subject of ‘Parents Fighting Infront of Kids’, there are two schools of thought –

Scientific Research

  1. Physiological changes – Increase in blood pressure, Heart Rate and increased secretion of stress hormones has been observed in kids as young as 6 months, when parent fights happen in their presence.
  2. Kids subject to regular exposure to their parents’ fights grow up with characteristics that render them incapable of recovering from stress. They are unable to regulate their emotions or calm themselves.
  3. Such kids run a higher risk of anxiety disorders and depression.
  4. Stress also cripples kids’ immune system. Children in emotionally unstable households catch cold much more frequently than other kids.
  5. Such kids are also known to have lower IQs and lower chances of excelling academically.

Spiritual Schools

  1. Right from the time a child comes into the womb, until 5-7 years of age the aura of a child is attached to mother’s aura. Every emotion that a mother feels has a direct impact on the child to an extent that the child develops the same characteristics.
  2. The child’s aura picks up thought forms from her parents’ aura which affects her personality. Aggression, anxiety, short-temper, low confidence, limitation to communicate are some most common personality traits that kids prone to fights at home are likely to grow up with.

After having read the above, one can only conclude that it is absolutely wrong to fight in front of kids. As parents we hold this responsibility to provide a nurturing environment to our kids and not subject them to such growth limiting situations. Such behavior is completely non-negotiable, if we want our kids to grow up to be emotionally balanced and matured human beings.

Silver lining to the Dark Cloud

Bestseller John Media writes in his book, ‘Brain Rules for Babies’ that if we fight in front of our kids, then we must make sure that we reconcile also in front of them. This will help the kids create a conclusive mind-map that reads that, ’OK, my parents had a difference of opinion and they argued. But they still respect each other and love each other enough to make it up between them.’

According to the author, this single thought form is almost a game changer and can reverse the negative effects of the argument that the kids witnessed.

Yet, I have my own set of do’s and don’ts when it comes to parent fights and kids –

  • Try and keep your voice low when kids are around
  • Mind your language. Like literally, kids pick up vocabulary very fast.
  • If kids come up and check with you later, explain to them that there was a point of disagreement between you two and thus the argument. Don’t forget to add, ‘Oh it’s just this one thing dear. Mom and dad are still best friends.’
  • Make a genuine closing conversation in front of the kids. Let them understand that there can be difference of opinion, yet that does not change much.

5 Habits to Gift Your Child This Year

posted by Mommy Tincture January 13, 2018 8 Comments

This winter, I ran my first 10 km at the Airtel Run for Education, Kolkata chapter. It was quite an eye opening experience for me. That’s because both my husband and I struggled to cross the finishing line. I realized that we had been taking our health for granted for way too long. After the run, both of us decided to spare atleast 30 minutes every day for our physical fitness. This commitment had a few ramifications. First, my husband had to wake up atleast 30 minutes early in the mornings before he would get busy with getting Nik ready for school. Second, he became more conscious of his eating habits and skipped quite a few calories’ on a daily basis. The third one was that when we ran our second 10 kms at the Tata Steel 25k Run 20 days later, both of us reduced our time by over 10 minutes.

It was a real treat to go and present the finisher medals to our son, who was thrilled with the idea of his parents’ running that far and winning a medal. I felt so proud of setting such a great example for my son. As we zoom into 2018, I ponder upon what are the other habits that I want to pass on to my kids by setting appropriate examples. Continue Reading