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Kid Friendly Kitchen

Planning Kid Friendly Kitchens – #GFTR2018

posted by Anupriya June 8, 2018 11 Comments

While Kitchen designs gain much interest from young couples in the current times, an aspect of kitchen designing that remains little explored is having Kid Friendly Kitchens. Yes, kid friendly kitchens are a recent scenario, with concepts such kid chefs and Kitchen Tots  gaining popularity. In this post, I share some of my insights into how we can get our kids to be interested in Kitchen chores and how having Kid Friendly Kitchens can help us achieve this goal. Continue Reading

World Environment Day

This Man Is On A Mission To Plant 1 Lac Neem Trees – #WorldEnvironmentDay

posted by Anupriya June 4, 2018 1 Comment

I was hearing a thought leader only yesterday, speaking about saving the earth. She made a very valid point. She said, ‘The earth will take care of itself. She has survived through the Dinosaur Age, the Holocaust and many such grave occurrences. What we need to be worried about is our survival on the earth. We need to save our homes!’

This got me thinking, how can we truly ‘Save Our Backs’? What initiatives are being taken to make our world environment-friendly? With these thoughts at the back of my mind, I took my kids to the Lions Safari Park at Southern Avenue this Sunday. I met three different set of people who are doing their bit to make this world a better place to live in. People who are doing ordinary things of great impact – one of them is on a mission to remove plastic littered across the landscape of the city, the second a group of volunteers who wish to encourage cycling as a mode of transit to save fuel and reduce pollution, and the third an individual planting Neem Trees / Saplings across Kolkata. Continue Reading

MHDay Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Cups – A Boon to Menstrual Hygiene

posted by Anupriya May 27, 2018 34 Comments

Every month ‘during that time’ I often deviate from my otherwise ‘I am proud to be born a woman’ stance. No, it’s not just the PMS that turns me into a touch-me-not live wire, or the cramps that make me want to cut-off my stomach and keep it aside on the shelf for a couple of days. As odd as it may sound, I started feeling extremely guilty of being a woman, after my realization of the fact that in my menstruating lifetime, in order to maintain Menstrual Hygiene, I am going to add atleast 35-40 kgs of personal non-biodegradable waste. But menstrual hygiene can’t be compromised on! After all, gone are the days when the women of previous generation had to rely on primitive ways to manage ‘Those Days’.

But then what is the alternative! In the recent years one particular alternative to the traditional sanitary napkins has gained a lot of popularity. All these years, I have had my reservations about this new-thing-in-the-market. But lately, overcome by my guilt of already having creating almost 15-20 kgs of non-biodegradable waste I resolved to try out the alternative. Continue Reading


Managing Diabetes in Summer_ How To Beat the Heat

posted by Anupriya May 21, 2018 7 Comments

Weather and Diabetes- The connection

Weather on a holiday or simply spending some outdoor time in the sun, heat and humidity have an influence on people with long term illnesses such as diabetes. This is partly because of an increase in bodily activity during hot weather.

Continue Reading


HealthBites – Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

posted by Anupriya May 20, 2018 0 comments

A brief about type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is said to be a chronic disease with an inevitable worsening of health leading to conditions like heart disease, damage to kidney, vision loss or nerve damage and in a few complicated cases amputation. Continue Reading


HealthBites – Guidelines For Managing Diabetes During Illness or Injury

posted by Anupriya May 19, 2018 2 Comments

Diabetes management and sugar level checks during injury

Dealing with a seasonal flu or recovering from a medical condition is no fun for anyone. This becomes an extra concern for people who have diabetes. The stress related to injury or illness can lead to high level of blood sugar. This condition in extreme cases can turn into diabetic coma. Hence diabetes management when illness strikes becomes even more important. Continue Reading


Studying Abroad – Steps to take Care Of #DefinitelyPTE

posted by Anupriya April 21, 2018 0 comments

Never in the past was studying abroad so enticing and affordable as it is today. The last two decades were the era of brain drain of various working professionals in industries such as Information Technology, Automotive Engineering etc. But this decade is seeing a rise in percentage of youth who wish to go abroad for academic advancement and bring back the knowledge to their country, apply it and contribute to the development of our society and economy.

As a admissions consultant for students aspiring to study abroad, I have come across various challenges that students face while planning their study abroad. As a parent, I feel that it is imperative that all parents are aware of these challenges as they support their children in their career aspirations. Continue Reading


Why Every Mom Should Try Out Infused Water This Summer #InstaCuppa

posted by Anupriya March 11, 2018 8 Comments

It was after my second pregnancy when I set out to lose my baby fat, I came across this concept called Infused Water. When I tried it out I realized that among other benefits, the best thing about infused water is that it makes your water a tad more tasty without actually loading it with strong flavors. I have always been a heavy drinker (water I mean!). The only water drinking goal that I have been able to meet is the morning time just after waking up.

Drinking water first thing in the morning helps lose weight

And imagine the incentive of having flavor infused water that is also rich in nutrients. Oh well that’s not the only benefit. There are several other benefits of infused water. Continue Reading


Special Quota For Girls in Education – Is This Diversity Initiative Justified ?

posted by Anupriya March 7, 2018 4 Comments

Reservations have remained an actively discussed topic in our country for over three decades now. And an even more discussed topic of higher concern is gender imbalance in our society. The beginning of this decade saw a Child Sex Ratio at an all time low of 918. This imbalance worsens as the girl child grows up and the affect is less girls in schools, even lesser in colleges and a meager number in institutions for professional education.

I belong to a middle class household and never faced any challenges with regards to education or exposure that would make me self sufficient. Instead, my parents were very particular about my education and that I should grow up to be financially independent. I also have come across households where the parents rather pressed their daughters harder to excel in studies and ensure a financially stable life for themselves without having to depend on the husbands that they might have. Yet, when I look at the whopping difference in percentage of women in top institutions such as IITs and NITs, I realize that things are far from assuring for a girl child in our country.

As a 30 plus something woman, I am further exposed to the follies of our society. I know better now that we are miles away from a dream society that gives the girl child equal rights to be educated and live her dreams. This is irrespective of the socio-economic strata. The reasons lie more in the psychological DNA. But that’s a discussion for another day. My concern today is that in a wake to bridge the gap between girl incumbents in various fields of education, are gender based reservations justified? (and please here were not discussing the third gender)

I would like to bring in three scenarios for you to ponder upon –

  1. Special schemes to help prepare and admit girls into defence and para defence forces
  2. Special privileges for girls to promote education at primary level
  3. Reservation for girls in professional institutions such as medical and engineering

Almost no one will have any problems with initiatives taken to promote primary education for the girl child. Infact this is one most powerful initiative to lead our society to a better tomorrow where every household is taken care of by an educated lady. But reservations in services and professional educational institutions open up a pandora’s box similar to the one that we have faced while debating the issue of reservations.

Relaxation of age limit is one way of opening up opportunities for girls aspiring to reach for the stars. But it’s an all together different thing to lower the standards of performance in entrance exams to bring in more girls to the table. For somebody who has toiled hard to get into a prestigious institution, even as a woman myself I do not see the equality of distribution by providing the girls an edge by setting up a quota.

In a statement while announcing 14% quota for girls in IITs, the Woman and Child Development Ministry said many girls are not encouraged to have extra coaching and that is one of the reasons why even those who are interested are not able to qualify. Without taking sides my only concern is that similar could be the situation with any candidate preparing for entrance tests. So many (girls and boys) do not have the resources to pay for special coaching and thus miss out on opportunities to perform better than others. It’s a pity that we have had only one Mr. Anand Kumar who too is able to coach only 30 boys every year and ensure a place for them in prestigious institutions.

The confusion in my mind has again spiked up asking whether the objective is to uplift the underprivileged (girl or boy) or to create a nice pie chart that gives us feel good diversity figures by compromising on the merit.   I do not have answers, yet this Woman’s Day I only pray for every girl and woman to get a platform to showcase her true capabilities in this male dominated world. For our government, I would only say that they must device more sensitive yet robust schemes to bring every girl child to a level where she is free to fly. Leave the direction and distance of her flight to the strength of her wings.


4 Comfort Foods That help me keep going – #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

posted by Anupriya February 23, 2018 9 Comments

There was a phase in my life as a young adult when food was only a means to stay alive and not the end. But today as I take up challenges of life as a mother, I think that food is the best friend that I have on my journey. Ofcourse there are books and my blog, but then there is something called the comfort foods, the static friends who stare back at me and says, ‘Feeling overwhelmed? What are you waiting for? Come on gobble me up and cheer up!’

I know some may argue that treating food as a stress buster may not be a very good idea, but it definitely is the most harmless idea if one knows their limits and is not guilty of putting on unhealthy pounds on themselves. One of these days when I picked up a bowl of my fried rice after a hectic afternoon of taking care of the kids and home chores, I realized that there are some foods that help me relax like no other. These are my ‘comfort foods’. When I indulge in these, stress scuttles out of my system and leaves me refreshed to take on the upcoming challenges with a new vigor. Continue Reading