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The Unique Side of School Apps: Connecting Schools To Parents Through Effective Communication

posted by Anupriya August 2, 2019 0 comments

Most adults remember the time of the year when schools re-started, and everything happened at the last minute. As children, we would have forgotten at least one activity or chore assigned by the teacher to complete during the holidays. We’d remember it just 24 hours before the first day back to school. This is only one example. When kids are in school, things are always rushed for parents who try their level best to keep everything in order.

In the grey cloud of continually juggling work, school, and extracurricular activities, there is a silver lining. Technology has made it much, much easier for parents and the school to communicate. A school app like Voice Snap offers a unique solution. With just a touch of a button, a guardian can contact a school administrator, a teacher can get in touch with parents, or a student can see their transcripts.

Let’s explore the three main ways parenting and school apps aid in connecting parents and academic institutions. Continue Reading

Notes for Healthy Kids
AtoZ Challenge 2019Book ReviewParenting

Notes For Healthy Kids by Rujuta Diwekar – #AtoZChallenge Day 21

posted by Anupriya April 24, 2019 8 Comments

Book Blurb – Notes For Healthy Kids by Rujuta Diwekar

This is Rujuta’s most important book to date, and an attempt to future-proof the health of our next generation.

A book that is as much for parents as it is for kids, Notes for Healthy Kids focuses on clearing the underlying food confusion that leads to endless diet trends. It empowers kids to make the right food choices for themselves.

Rujuta also calls out the food industry for targeted and misleading advertisements, as well as policymakers for failing to protect the interests of our children. Continue Reading

Mrs. Funnybones
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11 Reasons Why I love Mrs. Funnybones, the book

posted by Anupriya March 8, 2019 5 Comments

When I was introduced to Mrs. Funnybones – the book, I was told that it’s a rather simple read yet has a lot that resonates with every Indian woman/mother. I read this book on supposed vacation at my parents’ place, which actually turned out to be just a change of location because I was still running around the entire house trying to keep track of what my kids were up to. Continue Reading

Sibling Fights

5 Tips to Deal With Sibling Fights #Momology

posted by Anupriya February 27, 2019 3 Comments

Life of a mother is an extremely overwhelming journey. Adding cream to the milk is having more than one kids. Yes, if as a mother of a single child you have been struggling with your kid’s tantrums, then you have no clue how jealous I am of you.  My life comprises of a primary schooler and a toddler, both constantly vying for my attention and taking the home by storm if their demands are not met. Sounds gory! Well, I do have my WOW moments ( a lot of them to my delight), when I watch the two boys busy with a toy car or both of them huddled up together to scheme something. And then there is this assurance that they will always be there for each other. No matter what… But such moments in this phase of life are shortlived. For what I see now is a continuing tussle to prove who mumma loves more(read who will come and jump on to mumma’s lap first), or a fight over who will play with what toy.  For me it is a perpetual dilemma about paying attention to the elder one with his studies versus spending some quality time with the younger one.

But one thing that I know for sure, is that sibling fights are a reality. If not with blood siblings, these fights could be a part of your life if your kids are living with cousins (similar age) too. But what does one do about these fights? Continue Reading

Stay At Home Mom


posted by Anupriya February 20, 2019 5 Comments

Our parents’ generation was so involved in their day to day responsibilities that the concept of being bored with ‘WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE’ never found acceptance with them. This is not a generalized statement, but a gist of what I observed during my growing up years. The biggest luxury that my mom’s generation of home-makers had to themselves was the television and they got hooked to it like bees to honey.  But life of today’s Stay At Home Mom is different. They have much more to deal with. As an educated lot in a much open environment they are expected to don many responsibilities in-and-out of their homes. The demands as a mother have increased manifold. You don’t believe me? Well consider this – Continue Reading

Child Behavior

Decoding Child Behavior – Getting My Kids To Listen To Me

posted by Anupriya February 13, 2019 5 Comments

“Why do you have to do this?”

“What kind of a behavior is that?”

“You will create all this mess, and I will clean it up? Am I your mother or a maid?”

“Why do you keep fighting with your cousin?”

“Please have another bite, please! Ok I will switch the television on… please now have a bite..”

“God! Why wouldn’t you listen? I have been after you for the entire day. Have not been able to get one pence of work done today.

This was me until a few months ago.  I was always tired and fatigued. And then, I was constantly surrounded by women, old (whose kids are now grown up) and young (who have no kids yet) who didn’t stop singing eulogies about how blessed I was to have such cute little kids. Little yes, but cute? They seem more devilish to me. I wished to retort, but I knew something was amiss within me only. Because all those moms on the social media have such a pally equation with their kid(s). They keep blowing the trumpet of gentle parenting, when I am constantly struggling to not raise my voice at my kids. Despite reading up so much on parenting techniques, and writing too much myself about parenting experiences, there definitely had to be something I was not doing right. But what? Everytime I raised my voice, I wondered what is it about child behavior that I am not able to put my finger on. Continue Reading

Movie Haami

Bengali Movie Haami – A Curious Case Of Paranoid Parenting

posted by Anupriya February 8, 2019 20 Comments

I have some fond childhood memories of watching some coveted movies in regional language every Sunday on Doordarshan TV. Ever since, I have been quite open to watching movies in vernacular languages given they have acquired the acclaimed and appreciated status. One such movie I recently came across was the Bengali movie Haami. This movie was highly recommended by my Bengali friends in Kolkata and the title song ‘Bhuttu Bhaijaan’ also caught my kids’ fancy. Only that it took me some while to arrange for the movie to be viewed on television.

Why I call the movie Haami as a curious case of paranoid parenting is, because from the word go, the movie is a reflection of how indulged a generation of parents we are.  Here’s a peep into how this movie is a study in itself of parenting behavior and how it impacts our kids. Continue Reading

Kid HumorParenting

20 Tiny Stories That Surmise The Joys and Challenges Of Parenting

posted by Anupriya January 28, 2019 2 Comments

I read somewhere that parenting is like making a fresher the Head of Department without any experience, training or briefing. Who ever said this could not be more correct. This is the magic of Parenting. It is both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. And you just can’t give up. Here in this post I bring to you 20 terribly tiny stories that present in few words some magical and heart-wrenching moments in a parents life.


1 Continue Reading

Nutrition For My Picky Eater

Nutrition For My Picky Eater – The Minimalist Way

posted by Anupriya October 10, 2018 18 Comments

You are onboard the ‘Get Fit Stay Fit’ Blog Train with some amazing bloggers and Bonhappetee.

I thank Anshu Bhojnagarwaala for introducing me on her blog.  Anshu is one of the most versatile bloggers who blogs about wellness during pregnancy, parenting practices and a whole lot of interesting gripping fiction. Do check out her blog.

My elder son is a picky eater. “I don’t blame him – he got it from you!” Not my words!  Whenever I call up my mother and rant about how Nik gives me a tough time having his meals, she says the same words with an air of finality. So the next logical step for me was to figure from her only, how to ensure that he is getting is full nutrition. In this write-up here, I am going to share her tips and tricks of how to pack nutrition into a picky eaters tummy (read – how she did it with me)

Here are a couple of tips and tricks she share with me on how to ensure nutrition for my picky eater. She asked me to imbibe these in my conscience so that I do not loose my temper, everytime my boy refuses to eat – Continue Reading

Equal Parenting

Equal Parenting ? Not My Thing !

posted by Anupriya August 20, 2018 20 Comments

I know. I know! I can already feel your piercing gaze with your raised eye brows questioning my sanity. After all what kind of a woman I am who does not want her husband to be an equal participant in our kids’ upbringing.  Uhhh! Let me make a confession. I’d love for my husband to be an equal parenting partner. The kind who can make adjustments to his work schedule and spend as much time with the kids as I do. Or the kind that would allow me to be able to commit to a job or atleast spend some me time. But I never see it panning out that way! But I am not complaining. Why? Continue Reading