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ZEE5's Kaafir
Product Reviews

ZEE5’s Kaafir – What’s it like being a mother in this day and age?

posted by Anupriya June 25, 2019 2 Comments

I have been extremely wary of the deluge of web series available on various platforms. Reasons? Well, with two boys in the tow, I can’t be seen with a gadget in my hands for too long. Also, I am scared that I might not be able to pull myself out of the plethora of content available online as of date.

But now and then I come across content that is not only pertinent but also promises to be emotionally supercharged. One such web series Kaafir has released on ZEE5 on 15th June. I happened to watch its trailer earlier and figured that Kaafir is the story of a Pakistani girl who due to very peculiar circumstances lands in Kashmir and is detained on charges of being a militant.  Continue Reading

Little Travel Bug
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Make traveling fun for kids with Little Travel Bug

posted by Anupriya December 14, 2018 3 Comments

In the last decade or so, the most significant learning about life that has dawned upon me is that there are two things that a person needs in life, just like oxygen. These two things are the gateway of a human mind to whatever there is to know about the world and also to the unseen possibilities. Yes, books and travel are two interests or habits that I feel that everyone should inculcate on a personal level.  And as parents we should make whatever efforts it takes to enable our children to read and travel as much as possible.  I personally want my kids to be very well read and extremely well traveled. With these two virtues imbibed in their personalities, two decades down the line, I will feel that I have done my job well.

Recently when I came across the products by Little Travel Bug, my interest was piqued immediately. After all, here I have made traveling and reading as the motto of my life and then I come across this series of books with travel at their core. This series of specially designed for kids travel books are THE ULTIMATE possession for your kids if you like to explore the destination you are about to visit, or want to encourage your child to record all the fond memories that they make on a journey. Continue Reading

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My Baby Sleeps Peacefully Again – #Nasivion

posted by Anupriya August 10, 2018 2 Comments

As a child and even as an adult, I have always dreaded cold and nasal congestion. And my fears have deepened after becoming a mother. Most of the times, I am the kind of mother who encourages her kids to take calculated risks and does not fret too much when they fall sick or get hurt. I rely on homemade remedies for common ailments like fever, sore throat, body ache, colic pain, etc. In most of the cases, the homemade remedies do work and I am spared a visit to the doctor. But that’s that! When it comes to cold and nasal congestion, I find myself helpless and clueless. The reason being that kids are extremely prone to catching a cold and, more often than not, this common cold results in either a running nose or nasal congestion. Continue Reading

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Breastmilk Pumps – A Boon To Millenial Mothers

posted by Anupriya May 14, 2018 2 Comments

My mom told me once that she could not exclusively breastfed me and my sister for long, and had to wean us out asap, because she could not afford to spend much time sitting while we fed on her. Those were the days when very few households had domestic help and our mothers had to cater to the entire family alone. When I was expecting the first time around, my mother was inclined to think that with all the help and support system around me I should hardly have any difficulty. I too was of the same opinion. But as it turned out, I was still extremely over-whelmed with the entire process. One of the biggest challenges was breast feeding.

I faced every possible difficulty from delayed let down reflex to sore and cracked nipples and enlarged & engorged breasts, latching problems and what not. The second time around was a night mare because I caught chicken pox and my little boy was quarantined away from me. As per my doctor, the kid could have breastmilk but not through direct exposure to me. My blisters were really bad and could cause my baby infection. In all this there was one thing that helped me deal with all issues related to breast-feeding. A breastmilk pump came in handy each and every time I had issues with my breastfeeding journey. Here’s a small peep into how the breastmilk pump helped me.

Latching Problems

My child could not latch on easily which delayed my let down reflex. But even after he was able to latch, he would slump off to sleep after a couple of minutes of feeding. This led to swollen and full breast for me. My doctor suggested that I should express the milk so that the child could have it later, and I would be relieved of discomfort. The breastmilk pump at the hospital came in handy.

Cracked Nipples

Once back home from the hospital, I would feel immense pain everytime, whenever my little one tried to latch on. I figured later on that I had cracked nipples. While I immediately started using a relief cream, I could not bear the suckling pressure by my child and had to depend on the breast pump.

Engorged Breasts

The second time around, my younger son would feed for long minutes and then would not wake up for 5-6 hours. This caused me a lot of discomfort due to engorged breasts. When I was infected with chicken pox, my mid-wife immediately barred me from breast feeding my baby. During this time I had to express milk manually. The breastmilk pump was my companion in distress even at that time. It was only later during the day, when we consulted my doctor, she said that the baby could have expressed milk, but he needs to be protected from the infection that may be caused by exposure to my skin.


My parents live in a different city across the country. So, I travelled with both my kids when they were still on exclusive breast milk. I never face any issues with nursing in public, yet I was apprehensive and wanted to be prepared for a situation just in case. I expressed milk before leaving from home, stored it in pouches meant for storing breast milk and put the pouch in a small cool box suggested by my doctor. It did come in handy at one point during the flight, when I myself was not able to nurse my boy.

Resuming work

I resumed work only after my elder son was 6 months of age. Though he did not have to be exclusively breast fed then, still I would express some milk worth his one time meal and stored it appropriately in the refrigerator. I must say, using a breast milk pump was a good idea even then.

I used a manual breastmilk pump which was quite easy and comfortable to use. But the features of the pump were very basic and caused some discomfort in terms of ease of pumping manually and pressure on the nipples while expressing. Lately I have come across this -Little’s Comfort Manual Breast Pump which has some amazing features that make the expressing experience very convenient. Few of the features ‘of Little’s Comfort Manual Breast Pump which I came across during my course of usage are –

Well! When my mom saw me using the manual breast milk pump and she was jealous, she cribbed about how they had to express the milk with hand in emergency situations. And she also added that Breastmilk Pump really is a boon for mothers.

Let us all spread the message and try and help make lives of numerous mothers. If you are a mother and want to buy a breast pump or wish to gift someone dear who needs one, you can purchase the Littles’ Comfort Manual Breast Pump.

Book ReviewsKids LearningProduct Reviews

Kids Books by Karadi Tales – Review

posted by Anupriya February 5, 2018 11 Comments

I feel so proud when I realized one of these days that at 5 years Nik has a kid library worth around 25 books. I would like to steal some credit for his liking for books and often wonder if he will keep this love for books even when he is all grown up.

Nevertheless, the current kitty of books in my house comprises mostly story books with extensive pictures and some learning based books (the ones that help kids enhance their vocabulary or concept of numbers). At his age, he engages with books mostly through picture reading or with me reading aloud the stories to him. Continue Reading

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Caladryl Diaper Cream from Piramal – Product Review

posted by Anupriya January 30, 2018 11 Comments

For my elder son I used both cloth diapers as well as disposable ones until the time he was perfectly toilet trained sans accidents. Use of disposable diapers was mostly limited to outdoor trips and at night through the winters. I am practicing a similar approach for my younger one too. I have come to realize that whether you use cloth nappies, cloth diapers or disposable diapers your kid is susceptible to rashes mostly due to exposure to wetness on the skin and sometimes from the chaffing that is caused from friction or rubbing of the nappy/ diaper against the skin.

As per doctors, certain enzymes in stool also irritate the skin which may cause redness / rashes in the bum area. And this problem sustains till the time the child is potty trained. Every mum of a little child has to look for a precautionary or curative remedy for rashes in the diaper area. Continue Reading

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Your Child’s Hair Needs Special Care

posted by Anupriya November 6, 2017 11 Comments

Do you remember the first time you took your baby in your hands? Apart from the happiness and joy that you felt exhilarated with, there sure must have been some concerns. “Will I be able to generate enough breastfeed for my baby? I hope I hold her the right way! She looks so tiny and fragile. Oh! Her skin is sooooo sensitive. I must take care that she does not get any rashes. I hope her hair keeps the volume and shine she grew up with” I am sure that if a survey was done about the concerns that lurked around new moms the above doubts would top the charts.

I often wonder how as mothers or care givers, we are so obsessed with our babies’ skin and hair care from day one. And rightly so! We want the right kind of soap that’s paraben free, aanti-allergic and soft on the baby’s skin. Also for the apple of our eye we want a shampoo that cleanses the scalp thoroughly and is not harsh on the eyes. As a mother of two boys, one a toddler and one a primary schooler, it recently occurred to me that kids’ hair cleansing requirement also changes with age. I would classify these based on the stage of growth of a child as from a little baby to a toddler to beyond that. Continue Reading

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Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion – Product Review

posted by Anupriya September 25, 2017 19 Comments

I have extremely sensitive skin prone to sunburns even with only a few minutes out in the sun and my husband has suffered from an allergic skin until he crossed his 20s. It is only natural then that I fret over my children’s skin and its proper care. When I received the Aveeno Baby Lotion as a sample for a product review, I first used it on my hands for at least a week. Once I was satisfied with no allergic reactions or rashes on my skin, I started using it on my children. Continue Reading

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Balenzia – Changing the way we pull up our socks

posted by Anupriya June 24, 2017 1 Comment

Recently I went to a wedding ceremony, where I saw various members of the hosting family in the same costume; especially the father-son and mother-daughter duos. I must admit they looked stunning. But this caused my mood to take a nose dive, because I was like, “What matching trend can I follow with my boys?” And my rants of not having a girl surfaced for the nth time. My elder one who now understands all conversation walked up to me very innocently and said, “Mamma! Don’t get sad, we can wear matching jeans and socks.” Such is a child’s observation and logic, and he had a point!

I could’ve simply brought black socks or white ones and would have satisfied my quest to be able to wear matching stuff with my son. But I stumbled upon something that was quirkier. It was the Justice League socks for men, women and kids. The Justice League range by Balenzia has absolutely caught my fancy because of their theme. They are offering stylish and cool superhero themed socks. Now that my elder one understands the brotherhood of Spiderman, Superman, Batman etc, I was thrilled about getting the Justice League merchandise for him.

Balenzia for years now has held the reputation for manufacturing high-quality socks, which is perfect for consumers seeking stylish designs and cool products. They offer a variety of essentials, fashion and no-show premium foot accessory that are available in various options like mercerized cotton, bamboo and modal.

My review of the Justice League socks by Balenzia


There is a large range of designs to choose from. There is one in every colour for everyone in your family who is cool enough to wear a superhero on their ankles. I got a Pink ankle length and a blue one for my kid.

article collage


I am not sure which one of the above mentioned fabrics did I order, but they sure are cotton and extremely soft. They are suitable to be worn in all seasons without causing any discomfort. I have already washed Nik’s pair and it remains the same. There is no shrinking or hardening of the fabric.


The ones’ in the picture above that I ordered are @Rs 299/- a pair. I would rate that as slightly costly. But I do not mind paying a slight premium for the theme and the quality fabric. Other products are available at a price ranging Rs. 109- 599 available across all leading retail stores and online at Balenzia along with stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong etc.

If you have followed my write-ups in the past, you already know that I am a person with a minimal fashion philosophy. Minimal here means I do not pay too much attention to the latest and uncomfortable trends. Decking up too much isn’t my thing. And I apply the same fashion ideology with my kids. I strongly believe that my kids should feel more comfortable than they should feel in style. Yet, there are some fashion trends that I would gladly follow as far as the boys are concerned.  The Justice League accessory range is one of them.

Product Reviews

Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath – Product Review

posted by Anupriya May 10, 2017 0 comments

Some kids love to play with water and enjoy their bath time no matter what. Using a no-tears baby bath or shampoo is the most important aspect of encouraging your baby to keep this good practice. Lest the burning sensation caused due to an inappropriate soap or bathing wash will make the baby reluctant towards a relaxing bath.

As far as I am concerned, I had been using the Himalaya Nourishing Soap for a long time for my little one. But when I planned to travel to my mom’s place I wanted something that was easy to carry without any hassle Continue Reading