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Travel Stories with Kids – Treating Myself with a Luxury Passport Holder

posted by Anupriya March 21, 2019 0 comments

As someone who has been living away from the nest (yes! The home where my parents live), I could call myself a frequent traveler. But travelling after becoming a mom has taken an all together different meaning. Earlier the idea of travelling excited me no end. Days before the scheduled travel I would be a chirpy bird, putting my packing together and dreaming about the adventures that would await me enroute my destination.  But ever since I became a mother, the preceding days see me more nervous than excited.  The reason? I fear that I might just forget something crucial for the travel. Or that I might pack all wrong and put stuff that needs to be in the hand luggage (specially the kids stuff). Continue Reading


A trip To The Small But Beautiful Sikkim

posted by Anupriya March 12, 2019 13 Comments

It was around nine years ago that we had travelled to Sikkim. As a young couple, we were really excited to go to this popular tourist attraction in the North East of India and explore its scenic beauty. Given that I come from Chandigarh, which lies in the foothills of Shivaliks, I have always loved hill-stations.  And as is known, the best part of going to hill stations is that one has to traverse through roads. So three days of road trip it was for us.

The Hotel

Because as youngsters we were impulsive travelers, we didn’t want to kill the adventure by making advance bookings. I know you might think how foolish of us. But we had our research in place and figured that due to the off-season in August we would not have too much of a problem getting a hotel booking. And so we made a list of 3-4 hotels and resorts and decided to explore each of them before finalizing a booking on arrival. Some of the resorts that we on our list were Summit Golden Crescent Resort Hotel, Club Mahindra, The Elgin Nor-Khill , The Orange Resort. Personally I had loved The Orange resort, (with its cottages that overlooked the dense forests down the hill) but the husband wanted to stay somewhere closer to the main city. And thus Club Mahindra too was struck off. We finally zeroed in on The Elgin Nor-khill. Continue Reading


Vishakhapatnam is an Ideal Weekend Getaway with Kids – #XploreBharat

posted by Anupriya February 11, 2019 21 Comments

We had our first vacation with both our kids in March, 2018 and were very proud of ourselves for pulling it through quite successfully. Ummm! We managed to cover only half the sites in McleodGanj, but we really enjoyed ourselves. Amidst planning a slow itinerary and including some local parks to keep the kids entertained, we did manage to have some leisure WE time on the terrace of our hotel while it drizzled. Aah! The romance… But last month, when we were to travel to Vishakhapatnam, I was absolutely skeptical of that kind of a smooth run.  One, we were traveling in a group (yes! 5 couples and 4 kids, the eldest one being my Nik at almost 6 years) And two, the kids were older now, with minds of their own. It was going to be a hell lot of work to comply with a travel program. But as the journey unfolded, I was actually surprised at how more kids did not mean more work. On the contrary, while the kids were mostly busy playing among themselves, we had a respectable amount of OUR time with day time adult conversations and late night poker. Continue Reading

Travel Solo
Guest PostTravel

5 reasons for every woman to travel solo

posted by Anupriya December 12, 2018 4 Comments

Today, I am glad to have Shalini Baiswala aka Shalzmojo on my blog. I have always been very fascinated by her travel stories and her photography skills. So when she popped up the idea of a guest post series, I instantly knew what was it that I wanted her to talk about. So here she is sharing her views on why women should travel alone, atleast once in life.

Hey Shalz! Over to you…

Howdy folks! I am so very happy to be on Anypriya’s blog and she has asked me to talk about how important is it for a woman to have travelled solo once in her life. Being a travel blogger, my travel style is a lot different than expected. I generally ditch itineraries and stick to a general plan which can differ day to day. My key thing is to enjoy the journey.

Surprisingly, I did a solo trip at the age of 42. (Well I did travel solo before that but I would meet up with friends and family at those destinations and so it couldn’t be purely classified into a solo trip.)

It was a shock for me too, my dear readers. Here I thought I was such a bond kind of traveller 😉

I planned a trip around my 42nd birthday to Fort Kochi Kerala where the Kochi Art Biennale was in progress. This is a bi-annual art fair where artists from world over participate. Entire city gets converted into art spaces – art galleries, convention centres, cafes, book stores, gardens, and architectural monuments – all of them are used as venues. Continue Reading

Road Trips

#TheBlindList – Let Road Trips Be a Way of Life

posted by Anupriya October 17, 2018 3 Comments

My father brought his first car when he was 40 years old. He learnt driving within one week of bringing home his first second hand diesel ambassador. Ever since, our weekends became extremely exciting, because he would drive us to the weekend getaways from Chandigarh. Every place that is in 2 hours vicinity of the city (which by the way are plenty) has been traversed through by my father. So much was his love for driving to new destinations, that we also took overnight road trips to places of tourist fame in the northern part of the country. With my sister to give me company, we had some exciting trips. Continue Reading


#TheBlindList of Experiences and Memories Along The Journey

posted by Anupriya October 11, 2018 0 comments

When you are struck with wanderlust, it really does not matter, how far or near you travel. What matters is that you have explored a new place, have come face to face with another creation of god that is unique.

I remember the thrill of driving along the longest drive-in beach in India, at Mandarmoni, West Bengal, which matched the adrenalin rush I felt while going up the cable car to Matterhorn in Switzerland.  The view of the entire city of Paris from the top of Eifel Tower was as mesmerizing as the view of Kunchenjunga from the top of a hill in Gangtok.

But then these are things that one expects to see when one visits these coveted tourist places.  Though these memories get etched in one’s mind and heart forever, they do not form the whole of experience of traveling. You might be tempted to ask, “Then what does?” Continue Reading


Travel Diaries – A Self-Drive Road Trip With Toddlers – Puri

posted by Anupriya May 24, 2018 9 Comments

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My husband absolutely loves driving and when one of the friends proposed that we take up a self-driven road trip to Puri from Kolkata, he grabbed the opportunity like none other. Though I had my reservations about travelling around 500 km by road with a toddler, the adventure seeker in me gave in to the temptation. Before I knew it, we were on our way to Puri, with AJ driving and with two toddlers in the car. Well, this trip happened when Nik was 2 years of age, and the other toddler wasn’t Lucky. It was AJ’s cousin’s daughter, as they too were accompanying us for the trip.

Both AJ and I, we like to start early when we know we have a long journey ahead. The city traffic is minimal and it helps you scuttle out to the highway in least possible time. So here we were, all set to drive our way to Puri. Continue Reading


TravelDiaries – Paris – The City of Love, Lights & Fashion

posted by Anupriya May 17, 2018 4 Comments

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A holiday that I waited for a lifetime, came at a time when I least expected it. Nik had begun his formal school and Lucky had just turned one. That’s when AJ realized that we haven’t travelled to any exotic destination in a while (ummm to be more precise that was 6 years back to Goa). Suddenly he had this pang to travel to a foreign destination that too on our 7th wedding anniversary (which was just 6 weeks away) I panicked, because I had no clue how we were to make the trip work with two kids, when my darling of a mom-in-law came to my rescue and asked me to travel sans the kids.

“They are too young to enjoy the trip. And I think you two need a break too.” I will always love her to the moon and back for pushing me out alone with the husband and have a 12 day long trip. Continue Reading


Travel Diaries – McleodGanj and Dharamshala Trip with Two Kids

posted by Anupriya May 4, 2018 16 Comments

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Both husband and myself, we aren’t very enthusiastic about travelling to the hills. We’d rather prefer the bliss of and serenity of a beach. Simply because travelling to a beach is not a bit taxing when compared to the twisty and turny journey to a hill station. Yet, when it came to planning a holiday post my stint at my parents this March, we had to pin down on a hill station. Why? Because I was at my parents’ in Chandigarh and AJ (husband) wanted to spare some time to travel to a not seen before destination. I was personally not very enthusiastic about traveling to the hills with two kids both of who are prone to motion sickness. But then, given that we were planning a vacation in the first week of April, we had to consider the fact that most of the plains were engulfed in the heat wave. We sat with the map and figured that the nearest hill station was 6 hours from Chandigarh. The good thing was that this hill station was on my list of places to visit for long and I was ready to take the leap of faith while traveling with my boys. So yes Mcleodganj and Dharamshala it was! Continue Reading


Life Lessons from Our Travel Diaries – #SayYesToTheWorld

posted by Anupriya March 25, 2018 2 Comments

When I shifted to Kolkata by virtue of marriage, I was bombarded with questions about how I was able to cope with the slow life if the City of Joy. Everyone knew that before marriage I had studied and worked in the fast paced city of Mumbai. Thus everyone expected me to have a wry opinion of the laid back lifestyle that people lived in Kolkata and complain about absolute absence of night life as compared to Mumbai.

What they did not know is that in a span of 8 years preceding my marriage I had lived in 6 different cities for work and study. These excluded my native city where I completed my graduation. Of these cities two were fast paced metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai, while others were nice friendly ones (Lucknow, Pune, Mysore) that enabled me to decided my own pace and live a more comfortable life.

So yes, let me come back to the question that every family member seemed to have for me. After the first few instances I was so bored of explaining to them why the cities’ culture did not bother me and that instead I love the city as much as I loved my previous city, I coined a new term as my standard answer. I told them that I was ‘Geography Neutral’. And I really enjoyed the startled look they gave in response.

But I realized the true meaning of being geography neutral last year when I took our first overseas trip with my husband. As a matter of fact, my husband too has had a similar life to that of mine, as far as the concept of being ‘Geography Neutral’ is concerned. Our experiences of living alone in various cities and frequent domestic travelling for work, family and leisure culminated into travelling lessons that I had garnered. These lessons helped us in numerous ways and made our holiday more fun. Here are snippets from our travel experiences that made us realize that traveling and exploring more helps one #SayYesToTheWorld

Finding the Way

Finding ones way to various destinations within cities wasn’t as easy 15 years back because GPS wasn’t as accessible. Yet I have managed to learn by heart the routes to all important destinations, in all the cities that I have lived. To an extent that when we were in Paris for three days, we decided to give our GPS a break and traversed across the city only with the help of maps. It was like two kids playing treasure hunt with the real world. And I must tell you it was real fun.

Using the Local Transport

When we initially moved out of our home cities as students, we were generally on tight budgets and thus could not afford the luxury of private taxies or even 2 tier train tickets. I most preferred to take the fastest moving public transport of the cities i.e. the local passenger trains. Somehow I found these inter-city journeys spiritually exhilarating. The agility to change platforms, hop on to the just about to leave trains and rush to the next destination within limited time are some skills that came accrued. Oh! And whoever has travelled abroad will vouch for the fact that these skills can be vital when in a foreign land.

Using the Bus No. Eleven

While in hostel, when we did not get an auto-rikshaw to reach the station, we took to walk the way and jovially consoled each other for taking the Bus No. Eleven (that’s the two legs on which we stand and walk). Somehow, in India we undermine the importance and need to walk and take offence on being forced to walk. A research says that we Indians are the laziest walkers in the world ( the ones who dwell in the cities that is). I was completely oblivious of this fact until I had to walk during my time in Paris and Nice. We walked an average of 4 km every day. Once back, I have been trying to walk atleast over a kilometer everyday. The prior average was 400-500 mts. It isn’t a news that walking has its benefits!

Food adjustments

Prior to our travel we were advised by friends who had already been to Switzerland about the best restaurants to have ‘Indian Home Style’ food in all the major cities. We politely accepted the recommendations that were forwarded to us, but sighed at each other with a knowing look. What’s the use of travelling so far and pine for Indian home style food? I understand that many people especially vegetarians find it difficult to get any culinary satisfaction when travelling to far off places where the food culture is very different. Yet both of us are adventurous enough to survive on whatever is available on the local platter. We really enjoyed the local street food and desserts throughout our trip.

Open Up to Mankind

As a habit whenever I deal with any shopkeepers or a cab or auto driver, I strike a conversation with him/her to know more about the city or his experiences in the city. If you have never tried talking to a stranger, you may not be able to appreciate the light heartedness it brings to you, even if you are having a tough time in a new place. The habit remained with me and I made the most of my opportunity to talk to my tour driver who took us to Monacco and Monte Carlo. We figured that he was an Italian. He told us about his life in Italy and why he chose to work in France. When I told him that all that I know about Italy is its fame for Pizza and Mafia, he told us his families experiences with the Italian Mafia, which I would say were very intriguing.  Although, entertaining guests with true or made up stories might be his profession, I may never be able to forget the good time we spent in his company.

Restore your Faith in Mankind

At this juncture I recall an incident from our time in Bern, Switzerland. We had hired two bicycles to ride through the city and mindlessly rode downhill (the thrill of speed was just irresistible). Once at the bottom of the city valley, we realized that we had a humungous task now to walk uphill that too along with the bicycles. Just then, a local resident came across and asked us if we were worried about reaching the top. Our solemn faces gave him the answer. He smiled at us and told us that there is a monorail lift that will take us to the top. We sighed in relief and asked for directions. He showed us by pointing his finger, the direction where the lift station was and told us to follow him. Once at the pick-up point he enquired if we had our travel passes. When we answered in affirmative, he went to the ticket vending machine and came back to us with two tickets. We looked up at him in confusion. He told us that we needed two tickets for the bicycles too. I pulled out the ticket change and handed it out to him, which he refused to take. We insisted, but he listened none of it. He wished us luck for the rest of our trip and took leave. Disbelieving, we looked at each other and our faith in mankind was restored.

Well, these are just few of the memorable things that travelling has brought unto my life. If I were to spend some more time thinking, I could easily double up this post with a sequel. Yet, I would like to thank Lufthansa for making our travel to and fro the far off lands comfortable and memorable. I really wish for every person to find joy in travelling and explore the beautiful world that exists.