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Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts – A Book Review

posted by Mommy Tincture October 4, 2017 15 Comments

Shantaram is the story of a runaway criminal Lin, who manages to escape a high-security prison in Australia and travels to Mumbai by forging documents for a new identity.

The book is reminiscent of an era gone by when the Mumbai Mafia was rising to its glory. When youth from across the country came to Mumbai and did not flinch at the prospect of becoming a hired gun for one of the power gangs in the City of Dreams. Amidst the hustle bustle of drug trafficking, prostitutes, and gangsters, Lin has a mesmerizing journey of rooting himself to this city.

On his arrival, Lin runs into that one man who would remain his friend for life and become his foster brother and acquires his Indian name, Shantaram. As he continues his journey, Lin is lucky enough to attract the right kind of people, who help him survive in the madness of the city. And thus begins a tale of friendship, love, manipulation, and betrayal. Continue Reading


What is your Nutrition Quotient?

posted by Mommy Tincture November 4, 2016 0 comments

My father-in-law always insists on getting fresh milk from the dairy every morning and evening. As per him once the milk is boiled and cooled its nutritive value goes down. I never paid heed to it and thought that it was just his accentuated sense of love for his grand-children and he just wanted to make that extra effort to go and get fresh milk morning and evening from the dairy farm. But after completing the NQ course by Tetrapack I understood that every subsequent boiling or heating depletes the heat sensitive vitamins and reduces milk’s nutritive value. Continue Reading


5 Take-Aways from my first Parents Orientation Seminar

posted by Mommy Tincture September 22, 2016 0 comments

Trust Me ! The first day when your child goes to his big school (the one where he will in all probability spend the next 15 years of his life), it is a ‘Happy Realisation’ moment for you. Your responsibilities take a leap to a new level. It’s not just your kids food, hygiene and health that will be your concerns anymore. You will get into an endless process of planning and co-ordinating for your kids journey at school. When I recall my time at school, I have Goosebumps. God ! How did my parents manage me through all these years?

Nevertheless, this post is not about my musings and insecurities over how I am going to manage my son’s school life. It is about the orientation session that I attended on my son’s first day of school. Continue Reading