Parenting & A Slice Of Everything – Ebook By Anupriya

Why is a mother having sleepless nights just because her daughter doesn’t want to have kids even after years of marriage? What kind of gender predicaments does an expecting mother find herself in as she nurtures her unborn child? How a 5 year old infers matters about his inheritance? How pained is the life of aging grandparents who live miles away from their grandchildren?  Why is a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law relationship doomed forever? Can anyone ever justify the extravagance of marriage ceremonies in India?  And last but not the least how are people doomed when relationships go ugly and there are tiny lives involved?

Parenting & A Slice Of Everything is a collection of 26 stories that bring forth a galore of characters, incidents and emotions directly or remotely related to the parenting life-cycle and its tyranny on life and relationships.

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Reviews By Some Noticeable Bloggers For Parenting & A Slice Of Everything

Mahak Wadhwani (Blogger/Author)

There are several heavy subjects covered and often after a chapter, I felt like sitting back and reflecting on what I had just read and relating it to my own life experiences. Though this too is a win for the author…Read More

Anshu Bhojnagarwala (Blogger/ Author)

I found this chapter very endearing where Smita’s mother in law is jealous of Smita for usurping her son. She clings to her son whenever he visits her. Smita understands the feeling of loneliness and desperation that the older lady is going through. She extends a hand of friendship and lets the mother in law know that she can never take her place – the place of the mother. ..Read more

Rashi Roy (Blogger/Author)

I liked her writing style and the manner in which she narrates each story. Her stories revolve around characters, incidents and emotions that are in one or the other way related to parenting and relationships. Readers can easily relate to the emotions depicted by the realistic characters. Each story is carved out beautifully and described at length…Read more

Rashmi Jain (Blogger/Author)

Anupriya has a candid and descriptive style of writing. She brings forth the day-to-day parenting facts to the table in an easy to grasp and expressive manner, which would make her readers relate to their own life…Read more

Namratha (Blogger/Author)

Anupriya is an eloquent storyteller who has given depth to day-to-day stories making them memorable. Many of the stories are structured as solutions to tangles we face in our everyday life. The stories reemphasize my belief that with a little bit of empathy, thought and work we can find answers to all our problems…Read More

Priyanka Vermani (Author)