What I Learnt From The #BlogchatterWritFest

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My Writing Journey

In the beginning of my career, writing was not a part of the core tasks that I was expected perform. My creative writing ventures had been limited to the submissions I made for my school magazine, or the speeched I wrote for myself for various events that were conducted at college or in my organization. Structured writing of research papers was a part of my curriculum during my MBA. But that was again a job that needed to be done within a certain premise. Years later, I came to be a free-lance admissions consultant to help candidates write and edit their Statements of Purpose and Essays to present their profiles in the best light. That was the first time, I came to understand story-telling. Though the scope was limited, but it was story telling nevertheless. I was helping people write their stories to answer the queries about their strengths, weaknesses, challenges faced in personal/professional lives and their greatest learnings till date. Continue Reading

Book Review Program

Why I Joined The Book Review Program from Blogchatter

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I first came across the concept of book reviews when I was in college doing my engineering. We had a students voluntary group where we encouraged one member to share a book review every week during the regular weekly meetings. A couple of years later I created a book review blog, with an aim to read a book every fortnight and review it for a wider audience to read it and get inspired. Yet life caught on and this blog was ignored royally.

When in 2016, I set up Mommytincture, with an objective to record my experiences as a mother, I kept toying with the itch to review books on this blog.

Continue Reading

Book Reviews

26 Favourite Foods & a Little Bit Of Me by Mayuri Nidigallu – Book Review

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One of the earliest lessons I learnt as an aspiring blogger were about the significance of being active on social media. As I began to follow various blogging communities on twitter, a couple of bloggers came across to me as extremely level headed and straight forth in their opinion. Mayuri Nidigallu was one amongst them. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said that I was totally in awe of her blog posts that were full of practical wisdom and her opinions that she shared via her twitters. Given that I have been carrying a tarot deck with me for almost 12 years now, in hope of learning it someday and the fact that Mayuri Nidigallu is a Tarot Reader created an additional pull towards her. So I was not surprised at myself, when I pounced on the opportunity to review her book that was published with the #BlogchatterEbookCarnival this year. Continue Reading


Parenting And A Slice Of Everything – #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal with #BlogChatter

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I had earlier written about how I came to know about the AtoZ Blogging Challenge almost 18 months back (Read here). Until last year I did not have it in me to take this ultimate blogging challenge, but this year with some preparation and aspiration to reap the benefits of this daily blogging challenge for my blog, I feel extremely confident and excited.

It won’t still be easy as I’ll be travelling through the first week of April meaning that I will have to schedule my posts much ahead. Given that I have already drafted the first 11 posts , I feel less jittery and hope that I will have not lost the mojo by the time I get back to writing 10th April onwards. Continue Reading


Ringing The Gong – #AtoZChallenge with #Blogchatter

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It was November, 2016 and I was like a new kid in town trying to understand how the Blogoshpere works. While browsing through my Twitter Timeline, I came across @romspeaks of www.novemberschild.com . Her tweet said that she was done planning the theme and topics for each of the days for AtoZ Challenge 2017. This tweet was followed by a dozen full of tweets from fellow bloggers appreciating her for her promptness and dedication to blogging.

This was the first time I came to know that a thing such as AtoZ Challenge existed. I then read about it and then read about it some more. To be very frank, I was really scared.  At that time, I couldn’t have dared to take up a challenge that would require so much time, effort and dedication. But my mind was always on the proceedings of the challenge. I followed the activities related to AtoZ Challenge through Blogchatter and was awed by the scale of enthusiasm that bloggers across the country displayed. And thus I resolved to participate in the challenge in 2018. So here I am, all set to rock the challenge alongside some amazing stalwart bloggers. Continue Reading


Make your Mind Meditative with ‘REIKI’

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Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui towards the end of the nineteenth century. Reiki essentially means ‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘life force energy’. Or ‘Reiki’ may simply be called the Cosmic Energy which sustains life.

It is believed by the perpetrators of Reiki that this Cosmic Energy is God’s own energy and is available to all for use. It is like ‘Yoga’ that does not belong to any religion. Once a person is empowered to use this life energy, she /he is capable of rejuvenating themselves for vitality, joy, and peace. This life energy also has healing effect that has been proved over decades by the practitioners.

Today we have Mr. Amar Kumar to share his views about how Reiki Meditation can be extremely useful for the old, young and kids alike. Continue Reading


Celebrating Dussehra And Killing The Ram Within Us

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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to hurt the religious sentiments of any religion or sect. The views expressed are completely unpolitical in nature. What justifies the title will only emerge in the conclusion.

“Dasha Hara means removal of 10 bad qualities from within us. Vijaya Dashmi means victory over these 10 bad qualities.” – I woke up to this Dussehra tweet by Virendra Sehwag and recounted how we have grown up learning that the good always wins over the bad; Continue Reading


Positive Parenting with Meditation (the spiritual route to being positive)

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As a mother, I often feel that a lot of what I say, do or react to my children is impacted by my state of mind, my emotions and also my surroundings.  Have you ever felt that the optimism or pessimism in your surroundings gets on to you and you, in turn, behave in a similar fashion?

As parents, we know that children’s actions are not motivated by wrong intentions. They are just instinctive. They are either naïve and don’t understand the implications of their words or actions; or they have no knowledge of the territory they are traversing into. In any case, if you are a parent who reacts too easily or worries too much, I am sure you feel the need for a magical wand to help you keep calm. Continue Reading


Parenting in the 90s

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When I look back at my childhood and of those around me, I see an entire generation of parents who have given up everything for the sake of their kids. Though parenting in every age and time has its challenges accrued to the ecosystem, I feel that the generation of our parents i.e. the 90s, comprised of a large section of middle-class families where fathers were the prime earners and mothers the homemakers. This is the generation of parents who lost themselves to a constant call of responsibility Continue Reading

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Book Review – The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad

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When Twinkle Khanna came up with her first book Mrs Funnybones she became the voice of every mother, daughter, wife and every other role that an Indian woman plays in her life. Her skillful infusion of humor and sarcasm into deep rooted issues that encompass our generation was a lease of fresh air for every reader. So yes, when her second book was announced, I right away pre-ordered the book as I was particularly interested in discovering how ‘Tina’ has adorned the role of a fiction writer from her current I-have-this-opinion-on-this-issue style of writing. I have been able to read the book only 10 months after just reflects that I am a real busy mom!

The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna is an ensemble of four short stories. I wish I could say that the four stories bring to you variant aspects of lives of women from different walks of life. Though three of the four stories do exactly that, Continue Reading