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Take this #10YearChallenge with a Twist

posted by Anupriya February 2, 2019 9 Comments

I am generally a camera shy person, specially in the context of my readiness to share my pictures on social media. I do so only when absolutely necessary, or when I see no other way out. Come January’19 and all our timelines were flooded with people’s pictures with the #10YearChallenge. Please believe me when I say that I was too tempted, but my laziness won over and kept me away from digging into my Pitaraa of memories (read my extendable hard-disk). But then came along another #10yearchallenge by my dear friend and an ace blogger / author Romila of Novemberschild and I couldn’t wait to take this challenge. Read about Romila’s #10YearChallenge here

So here goes my version of the #10YearChallenge thrown by her – Continue Reading