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posted by Anupriya April 7, 2018 1 Comment

Amrita put Nik to sleep and settled on the sofa with her mobile phone. There was this latest messaging mobile app that was creating waves in the social networking space. This internet based messaging app had made coming together so much easier.  Not only had family members and office colleagues come to use this app as a common platform for collective communication, but also had brought long lost friends back in touch. One such group that Amrita was really fond of was the one with her friends from her engineering college. They shared a special bond as they were just 5 girls in a class of 40. The girl power they had displayed in college was evident from the graduation results where all five girls stood among the top ten in the class with the most coveted jobs in their kitty. It had been 15 years since they graduated and went on to pursue their careers and passions and today only 2 of them including Amrita were in India. The other three had moved on to various parts of the globe in The States, Singapore and Australia. One thing common in all of them now was that they were all mothers now. From discussing their assignments and practical viva-voce to discussing their babies’ sleeping routines, they had come a long way in life.

The group was especially excited now because now they were on a second-time-mum-to-be spree. Bhavya had already had her second son 6 months back and now Amrita was in-line. Vanita was the most chirpy of them all and was most excited about Amrita’s pregnancy. But her message today sent Amrita in splits.

Vanita: Hey it’s your sixth month already! So what does the online gender predictor say?

Bhavya: This gender predictor is trash. It said that I was going to have a girl. L

Preeti: It’s ok yaar! You already have a son. So atleast no one’s pestering you.

Everyone recalled the time when Vanita was to conceive with her first baby and her mother-in-law was going beserk giving her advices on how she could ensure that the conceived baby be a boy.

Amrita: Yes no one’s pestering me. But I really do want to have a girl.

Sweta: Why? To turn her into another feminist everyone will be scared of?

Everyone responded with a trail of LOL emojis. They all relived the time, when Amrita was the flag-bearer of feminism in college and would leave no opportunity to show down the boys of the class.

Vanita: Arre yaar! Do not digress from the topic. Amrita, what does the gender predictor say?

Amrita: Different apps are giving a different gender prediction.

Bhavya: See I told you!

Preeti: Leave aside the online gender predictors. What do the living ones say?

Bhavya and Sweta responded with ogling emojis.

Amrita: My mom says it’s a boy while my mom-in-law says it’ll be a girl.

Bhavya: They are just shooting in the dark. They have no clue about the reason of their own predictions.

Everyone sent a straight face emoji in response to Bhavya’s dogmatic view towards the entire gender prediction business.

Vanita: Well! Looking at my bump, my mom-in-law did predict that I was going to have a girl. She was right.

Preeti: My mom, put two folded chits of paper into a glass full of water and let it float for a couple of seconds.  The slip that remained floating on the surface was the prediction. In my case it said ‘a boy’

She needn’t have concluded any further. Everyone in the group knew her son was now two years of age.

Amrita: Well my mom-in-law is a little more scientific in approach. She believes that if I have conceived before the new moon it’ll be a girl.

Sweta: Have you?

Amrita: What? Conceived before new moon? I’m not sure. My LMP was 10 days before the new moon. Who knows when did I actually conceive?

Bhavya: So confusion prevails in your life.

Amrita: A mid-wife came asking for work after my delivery. She observed me get up from the chair and walk towards the kitchen, and made a declaration that I was going to have a boy.

Bhavya: These mid-wives I’m telling you have a very strong sixth sense. She is bound to be right.

Sweta: But what was her logic? I’m sure Vanita, you must have asked her that.

Amrita: Yes I did! She said that I lifted my left foot first to walk when I got up from the chair.

Everyone was LOLing through emojis once again. Only Vanita reacted with an emoji that declared that only her palm for available for conversation now.

Bhavya: Hey! Are there any other gender predictors in tow or can I sign off now. I need to feed my little one before Prabhav comes back from school.

Everyone bid their byes and got on with their daily chores and jobs. Amrita was so perplexed by the discussion that she decided to search it up on the internet sometime later. And as with other intents, she forgot about it given her scattered brain during the last trimester.

A couple of months later, Amrita had a mixed reaction when the Obgyn in the OT told her that she had delivered a healthy baby boy. Even in that state of being under the effect of local anesthesia and later she tried raking her mind for the results of various gender predictions made by several people. But she realized it did not matter now. She had two boys to take care of now and slumped off to sleep thinking about how her life is going to change forever, yet again.

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