Project 'My Happiness' 2019

Project ‘My Happiness’ 2019 – A Happiness Initiative

posted by Anupriya December 26, 2018 0 comments

In the beginning of 2017, I was making significant progress as a blogger, my kids were growing up fine and my life at home in general gave me nothing to brood about much. Yet, I felt hollow within. It was a strange feeling. I didn’t know what exactly was a I lacking in life that was making me restless.

Come December, 2017 I came across Upasana’s blog and read about her Gratitude Pie. So my new year’s resolution for 2018 was keep a record of all the reasons I had to be thankful about during a day. Slowly lethargy took over, and I updated my gratitude pie once a week and then once a month.

Read my monthly gratitude posts here.

Slowly, I drifted from keeping a record of things that I was thankful about to things that made me happy. It was just easier to think about one thing that made me happy at the end of the day. That one daily feel good  bullet point became pivotal to my mood for the next day. Slowly, I knew that my life’s good and I have more than one reason to be happy in my daily routine. You might want to know the effect it had on me. Continue Reading


Karma Of Success – KarmicFitness #3

posted by Anupriya September 25, 2018 2 Comments

For a long period of time, while my husband was a struggling aspiring entrepreneur, he chose to remain off social media (read Facebook). I often mocked him for his ignorance, yet probed him to understand his reasons. I mean, why would one decide to remain ignorant of one platform that was his only window to his social circle (at that time). One day, after 7 years of marriage, he finally decided to open up.

“Look dear! I am struggling with my profession right now. We havn’t been on a decent vacation for last 5 years. And I know that you are craving for one. With two kids, to take care of, life seems a little tough at this juncture. When I open my facebook, I see all happy faces having an awesome life. I know that’s not the complete picture. People mostly put up only the bright side of their lives on their walls. but it does make me cringe and wonder that I may not be doing enough for my family. Or feel desparate about ‘when will my time to enjoy life come’. It’s not a good feeling. I can feel negativity seep into my conscience. So, I’d rather stay away from it.” Continue Reading