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Managing Diabetes in Summer_ How To Beat the Heat

posted by Anupriya May 21, 2018 7 Comments

Weather and Diabetes- The connection

Weather on a holiday or simply spending some outdoor time in the sun, heat and humidity have an influence on people with long term illnesses such as diabetes. This is partly because of an increase in bodily activity during hot weather.

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Making Screen Entertainment a Learning Experience for Kids – #YoutubeKids

posted by Anupriya November 16, 2017 10 Comments

Use Screen Entertainment To Enhance Learning for Kids – #Youtube Kids

I suffer from the most common dilemma that today’s parents to toddlers have. How do I keep my kids away from the ‘SCREEN’.  Until a decade back, it was easy to limit kids’ screen time when screen meant only Television, or at the max a personal computer. But with the advent of Smartphones and Tablets life for parents has become almost a screen time nightmare. Some parents call in guilty of using these modes of screen viewing as a way to distract kids and keep busy without bothering them. But there are some who find themselves in a helpless situation, because their toddlers pick up screen habits without much supervision. Addiction to screen entertainment is one of the major parenting concerns in this age. Continue Reading

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Health! I bow down to you

posted by Anupriya November 8, 2017 10 Comments

My father is a man of few words and a lot of action. His action includes an hour of yoga and exercise every morning before he leaves for work and almost 5 km of walking in the evening once he is back home. This has been his routine for last 10 years and any changes are a little tough on him, and yet he finds the motivation to put on his sneakers and go for a walk at any time of the day.

One day in a moment of light humor I asked Dad why he felt so compulsive to work out or walk. Continue Reading

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My Health My Way – #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

posted by Anupriya September 18, 2017 17 Comments

For a major part of my life, I have been a weight conscious person. In my twenties when I was working –studying-working away from home, I didn’t eat healthily and eating outside every day became a norm. Being younger I didn’t get too affected and I encashed on all the health reserves that my mom’s nutritious food had created on my body.

After marriage having children was an exhausting physical experience and a mental burden. I faced numerous health issues resulting from deficiency of essential nutrients, constant limb pain, hair fall and skin pigmentation to name a few. Added to this was the responsibility to produce enough breast milk for the little one and the stress of managing a job alongside the role of a mother and a home-maker. Above all this there was this constant urge to lose the pregnancy weight which amidst the other problems seemed to be a big task. Continue Reading