I Am Enough

I am Enough

How I met my Soulmate… yet again

posted by Anupriya February 24, 2019 35 Comments

Hey! Howdy? I know you are on cloud nine, enjoying every second of your life. The shine is so evident in your eyes. Just like the stone that decorates your finger these days. I must say I never imagined that I had it in me to buy that for you. To make a candid confession, it cost me a bomb, almost an year of worth of savings and I may not be able to buy you another gift this entire year.

I have a couple of more confessions to make to you. We have known each other almost all our lives. For as long as I remember, I have found you to be quirky. You made me uncomfortable and the sight of those pimple laden cheeks made me cringe. There even came a time, in high school, when I couldn’t set my eyes on you. You were at your weirdest worst, with those braces shining through your mouth. And the loud snort you let out, whenever someone cracked a joke in the class. I wanted to hide behind the desk and wait for all the piercing mocking looks directed towards you to be quieted. I wondered in distaste, why you wouldn’t work on yourself or seek someone’s help. Continue Reading