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8 Weird Reasons Why Some Women Observe KarvaChauth

posted by Anupriya October 8, 2017 17 Comments

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As a young girl KarwaChauth for me was a day when my mom took a break from the routine chores in the house. This was because, with an entire day of stringent fasting ahead of her, she just couldn’t be bothered with discipline. I used to look forward to the evening when my mother and aunts from the neighborhood used to come together to do an hour long puja by rotating glittering thalis (plates) that comprised various signs of their Suhaag. I really did marvel at how nicely each one of them dressed up in their best outfits and dedicated this day in honour of their love for their husbands.

Also, I often wondered that when I grew up and got married, would I ever have the dedication to bear hunger for one full day for my husband’s sake? That was then. A couple of years later, I began to question the logic and validity of it all. I remember my Mom’s wide-eyed stern-faced reaction when I asked her “How can my fasting add years to another man’s life?” (I sometimes think this could really be a Noble Peace Prize winning research if it could come up with a tangent root-cause correlation) Continue Reading