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New Age Fairy Tales by Ariana Gupta – Book Review

posted by Anupriya December 21, 2018 0 comments

Our generation and all those before us have grown up on a decent overdose of fairy tales, where a princess in distress was faced with a life threatening situation and was eventually rescued by a knight in shining armor. I must confess that as a child I enjoyed these fairy tales with almost dreamy eyes. In Hindsight, I have to give the credit for my fascination to these fairy tales more to my library co-ordinator who would present these stories with such immaculate narrative. They just sounded so magical at that time from her point of view. As a teenager, I almost forgot all about these fairy tales. The academic rut, the new age ambition of having a career left no space for reminiscing over the irrelevant in this age fairy tales.

It is only recently after I have had kids of my own that I revisited the fairy tales such as Snow white, Cinderella  and Rupunzel  and was almost dumbstruck at the male chauvinism that these tales reeked of.  And then as I explored the social media I (with immense relief) saw that the sentiment with respect to these old time fairy tales was almost similar. But then is there an alternative? Or are we doomed to do away with fairy tales all together?  Why am I sad? Well despite the misgiving of these old school fairy tales and their irrelevance in todays time and age, there was an element of innocence and virtue in these stories. And I definitely would be happy with a new age alternative. Continue Reading

Little Travel Bug
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Make traveling fun for kids with Little Travel Bug

posted by Anupriya December 14, 2018 3 Comments

In the last decade or so, the most significant learning about life that has dawned upon me is that there are two things that a person needs in life, just like oxygen. These two things are the gateway of a human mind to whatever there is to know about the world and also to the unseen possibilities. Yes, books and travel are two interests or habits that I feel that everyone should inculcate on a personal level.  And as parents we should make whatever efforts it takes to enable our children to read and travel as much as possible.  I personally want my kids to be very well read and extremely well traveled. With these two virtues imbibed in their personalities, two decades down the line, I will feel that I have done my job well.

Recently when I came across the products by Little Travel Bug, my interest was piqued immediately. After all, here I have made traveling and reading as the motto of my life and then I come across this series of books with travel at their core. This series of specially designed for kids travel books are THE ULTIMATE possession for your kids if you like to explore the destination you are about to visit, or want to encourage your child to record all the fond memories that they make on a journey. Continue Reading

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Kids Books by Karadi Tales – Review

posted by Anupriya February 5, 2018 11 Comments

I feel so proud when I realized one of these days that at 5 years Nik has a kid library worth around 25 books. I would like to steal some credit for his liking for books and often wonder if he will keep this love for books even when he is all grown up.

Nevertheless, the current kitty of books in my house comprises mostly story books with extensive pictures and some learning based books (the ones that help kids enhance their vocabulary or concept of numbers). At his age, he engages with books mostly through picture reading or with me reading aloud the stories to him. Continue Reading