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Superpowers I would like to get in 2019 – Naah! A Long Shrug Would Suffice

posted by Anupriya January 20, 2019 32 Comments

I have never been too much of a fashion or trends buff, comfort invariably taking precedence over style. But once in a while, I do like to buy stuff that promises to be comfortable, and add to my swag. One such garment I bought this winters was a long shrug.

That day, I put my olive green shrug on, and nodded in approval at the reflection in the mirror.  I was completely satisfied with the suave look it gave me over my black trousers and tank top. Well my time to admire myself was now up. I immediately jumped into action, packing stuff for the kids. I was to drive them down for stage rehearsals for the annual winter carnival. Costume check –Jackets check – Snacks check – Water Bottles check – My Sanity check. Continue Reading