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5 Habits to Gift Your Child This Year

posted by Anupriya January 13, 2018 8 Comments

This winter, I ran my first 10 km at the Airtel Run for Education, Kolkata chapter. It was quite an eye opening experience for me. That’s because both my husband and I struggled to cross the finishing line. I realized that we had been taking our health for granted for way too long. After the run, both of us decided to spare atleast 30 minutes every day for our physical fitness. This commitment had a few ramifications. First, my husband had to wake up atleast 30 minutes early in the mornings before he would get busy with getting Nik ready for school. Second, he became more conscious of his eating habits and skipped quite a few calories’ on a daily basis. The third one was that when we ran our second 10 kms at the Tata Steel 25k Run 20 days later, both of us reduced our time by over 10 minutes.

It was a real treat to go and present the finisher medals to our son, who was thrilled with the idea of his parents’ running that far and winning a medal. I felt so proud of setting such a great example for my son. As we zoom into 2018, I ponder upon what are the other habits that I want to pass on to my kids by setting appropriate examples. Continue Reading

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How We Spent our Winter Vacations and Glided into 2018

posted by Anupriya January 4, 2018 10 Comments

As I embark on a new year with new set of resolutions and promises to do better as a mother and in individual, multi-tasking remains on the top slot in my ‘aspirations’ list. My elder son’s winter vacations just concluded and he is back to school today, and thus I am back to blogging.  I missed writing throughout the vacations, but was not able to spare any time for doing so and keeping up with my blogging calendar. Reason?

I was very busy making my kids’ vacations fun!

What did we do?

Here’s a bucket list of things we did during the 15 day vacations. Continue Reading