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posted by Anupriya February 20, 2019 5 Comments

Our parents’ generation was so involved in their day to day responsibilities that the concept of being bored with ‘WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE’ never found acceptance with them. This is not a generalized statement, but a gist of what I observed during my growing up years. The biggest luxury that my mom’s generation of home-makers had to themselves was the television and they got hooked to it like bees to honey.  But life of today’s Stay At Home Mom is different. They have much more to deal with. As an educated lot in a much open environment they are expected to don many responsibilities in-and-out of their homes. The demands as a mother have increased manifold. You don’t believe me? Well consider this – Continue Reading

Alpana Deo
Book Reviews

Book Review – A Girl In The New Town by Alpana Deo

posted by Anupriya September 2, 2018 19 Comments

Whenever I get worked up due to physical exertion that parenting demands on a daily basis, my husband comes up with his repetitive million dollar wisdom bite.

“It’s just these couple of years, when you get to run around them, hold them and do things for them. Once they grow up, you will have none of this physical proximity. It’ll all be at an emotional and intellectual level”

Yeah! Yeah! But I still have a long way to go that route.  I respond as I roll my eyes. But that also sets my thoughts rolling as I contemplate. Once the kids become self sufficient on a physical level, my job as a parent is going to become even more complex. I will always have to be on a high alert to tune into the emotional frequency of my kids and understand their aspirations, fears, insecurities and much more. I know I will have a tough job at hand. Continue Reading

Equal Parenting

Equal Parenting ? Not My Thing !

posted by Anupriya August 20, 2018 20 Comments

I know. I know! I can already feel your piercing gaze with your raised eye brows questioning my sanity. After all what kind of a woman I am who does not want her husband to be an equal participant in our kids’ upbringing.  Uhhh! Let me make a confession. I’d love for my husband to be an equal parenting partner. The kind who can make adjustments to his work schedule and spend as much time with the kids as I do. Or the kind that would allow me to be able to commit to a job or atleast spend some me time. But I never see it panning out that way! But I am not complaining. Why? Continue Reading