Why Go Indie by Devika Fernando
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Why Go Indie by Devika Fernando – Book Review

posted by Anupriya November 12, 2018 1 Comment

Why Go Indie?: 6 Reasons for Self-Publishing (TBC Writer’s Toolkit Book 1)

To get published as an author is every writer’s dream. Untill a decade back this dream was somewhat far flung with limited opportunities with traditional publishers. Moreover, the waiting time and process involved took a lot of enthusiasm out of these writer’s. Or that ‘s what I have read time and again. But not any more.  With the advent of ebooks and online reading platforms, a lot of authors have found bliss on the indie path. For the uninitiated, indie publishing is primarily independent publishing, for which the writers do not have to go through the grind of traditional publishing. They can work out their way on their own, with the help of some technical help and be ready to reach out to the mass of readers. To explain why and how the Indie Path is the way to look forward to, the first book in the Writer’s Toolkit series is what you should refer to. Continue Reading