Sibling Fights

Sibling Fights

5 Tips to Deal With Sibling Fights #Momology

posted by Anupriya February 27, 2019 3 Comments

Life of a mother is an extremely overwhelming journey. Adding cream to the milk is having more than one kids. Yes, if as a mother of a single child you have been struggling with your kid’s tantrums, then you have no clue how jealous I am of you.  My life comprises of a primary schooler and a toddler, both constantly vying for my attention and taking the home by storm if their demands are not met. Sounds gory! Well, I do have my WOW moments ( a lot of them to my delight), when I watch the two boys busy with a toy car or both of them huddled up together to scheme something. And then there is this assurance that they will always be there for each other. No matter what… But such moments in this phase of life are shortlived. For what I see now is a continuing tussle to prove who mumma loves more(read who will come and jump on to mumma’s lap first), or a fight over who will play with what toy.  For me it is a perpetual dilemma about paying attention to the elder one with his studies versus spending some quality time with the younger one.

But one thing that I know for sure, is that sibling fights are a reality. If not with blood siblings, these fights could be a part of your life if your kids are living with cousins (similar age) too. But what does one do about these fights? Continue Reading