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My Trysts With Tea And Love For Green Tea

posted by Anupriya February 15, 2019 14 Comments

For all the first 22 years of my life, I had never ever tasted chai. Yes! As much as you may want to widen your eyes, that’s the truth of my life. Coffee sometimes, yes, but anything to do with tea sent my nose scrunching while the others around me scowled in disbelief.

Well! There’s some background to this aversion to tea. As per my mom I belong to that scarce species of kids who loved milk. Infact both us sisters would have a long standing face-off, inspecting two glasses on the table to claim the one with more milk (even though my mom made sure to give us the same amount to the best of her ability). Strangely enough, even during my teens, I never felt the need to switch to tea. I was more than happy with my milk indulgences with half a dozen flavors that my mom stocked the kitchen with. Continue Reading

Movie Haami

Bengali Movie Haami – A Curious Case Of Paranoid Parenting

posted by Anupriya February 8, 2019 20 Comments

I have some fond childhood memories of watching some coveted movies in regional language every Sunday on Doordarshan TV. Ever since, I have been quite open to watching movies in vernacular languages given they have acquired the acclaimed and appreciated status. One such movie I recently came across was the Bengali movie Haami. This movie was highly recommended by my Bengali friends in Kolkata and the title song ‘Bhuttu Bhaijaan’ also caught my kids’ fancy. Only that it took me some while to arrange for the movie to be viewed on television.

Why I call the movie Haami as a curious case of paranoid parenting is, because from the word go, the movie is a reflection of how indulged a generation of parents we are.  Here’s a peep into how this movie is a study in itself of parenting behavior and how it impacts our kids. Continue Reading

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4 Comfort Foods That help me keep going – #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

posted by Anupriya February 23, 2018 9 Comments

There was a phase in my life as a young adult when food was only a means to stay alive and not the end. But today as I take up challenges of life as a mother, I think that food is the best friend that I have on my journey. Ofcourse there are books and my blog, but then there is something called the comfort foods, the static friends who stare back at me and says, ‘Feeling overwhelmed? What are you waiting for? Come on gobble me up and cheer up!’

I know some may argue that treating food as a stress buster may not be a very good idea, but it definitely is the most harmless idea if one knows their limits and is not guilty of putting on unhealthy pounds on themselves. One of these days when I picked up a bowl of my fried rice after a hectic afternoon of taking care of the kids and home chores, I realized that there are some foods that help me relax like no other. These are my ‘comfort foods’. When I indulge in these, stress scuttles out of my system and leaves me refreshed to take on the upcoming challenges with a new vigor. Continue Reading