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True Beauty In A Mother Daughter Relationship

posted by Anupriya December 17, 2018 6 Comments

BetiPadhao, BetiBachao’ the formal tag line, though released by our current prime minister only four years ago, finds slightly older roots in our modern society, with the belief that education will be the sole driver of salvation of the fairer sex. Awareness and exposure to difficult situations will empower our girls to protect themselves and fight against all evil. And then, we come across stories that force us to ponder, if by educating our daughters, we are making their lives practically more difficult. That ignorance really might be bliss in this society still governed by never evolving, patriarchal DNA.

She was two years junior to me in college. Good looking and attractive were the adjectives that were doing rounds about this girl with curly locks. She happened to join a student’s activity group of which I too was a part. A couple of short interactions later, I realized that there was more to this fair girl with dark eyes. Though she tried her best to be present in the moment, her wider than usual eyes gave her away. I gathered from her close friends in our group that she had trouble at home. I shirked it off as young adult issues and never gave it too much thought.

“The girl seems sensible, after all. She is doing well for herself. Why muddle my mind over something I do not have much influence over?” Isn’t that how we all think when we hear trouble stories of a distant friend, an acquaintance or a colleague? Continue Reading