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Bullet Journal – Planning my 2019 effectively

posted by Anupriya January 2, 2019 1 Comment

What is A Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a superlatively descriptive format of a Diary or a To-Do Journal that you maintain to keep a record of your daily, weekly, monthly activities.  Not only is it descriptive, it also puts almost everything in Black and White.  When I first came across the idea of a bullet journal, I set out to make one but didn’t realize that I need to put a premise to it. Confused? Ummm, let me explain.

A Bullet Journal could be used for various premises of your personality. It could be a virtue tracker, a habit tracker, health tracker, work task tracker and every other tracker that might exist under the sky.  So yes, last year when I set up a Bullet Journal for myself, I tried to squeeze in everything together. I amalgamated my personal errands, my blogging tasks and my Pranic Healing Virtue Practicing all into one journal. As a result, by the end of month one i.e. January, 2018 I was too overwhelmed to create the entire monthly log the second time. I still managed the second month and dragged through it by going back to my journal not daily (like I did in the first month), but only weekly. The weekly affair then turned into a monthly affair by March and by April, I felt too hassled to go back to the Bullet Journal format. I was happy with my daily to-do list and my blog to-do list.  The satisfaction that crossing out the items and adding the items gave me was unmatchable. Continue Reading